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Through the window, some whispers of spring emerges.

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Beautiful Shot dear +Jeff Vinson !
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Jeff Smith

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Friends on Bay Street

Toronto - 2013

with +Gary Munroe +Rob Elliott +Lena Dawood +Ron Clifford +Sandra Parlow 
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It's been too long +Gary Munroe and +Ron Clifford how a year slips by, wow!
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Jeff Smith

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Hey folks.

Beware of the Heartbleed bug and vulnerable sites running Open SLL

Two noted for photographers are and which were effected but since the initial scan on April 8 have been fixed.

Regardless always good to change you password just in case

You can check a sites vunerability with this tool.
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Jeff Smith

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A Clear Midnight

This is thy hour O Soul, thy free flight into the wordless,

Away from books, away from art, the day erased, the lesson done,

Thee fully forth emerging, silent, gazing, pondering the themes thou lovest best,

Night, sleep, death and the stars.

-Walt Whitman
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Jeff Smith

1 Self Portrait A Week  - 
From last weeks Selfy Sunday! Game on!
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Jeff Smith

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Some great changes happening in the Art of Self Portraiture Community. Please check it out if you are a member there.
Category Changes Coming May 18th

What a ride it has been for us here in The Art of Self Portraiture Community so far. It's been so great to see so many people come together and share their self portraits, and work on learning and growing together. The Mission of this Community from the start has been for us to work together to elevate our creative self portraiture.

Along the way we've had discussions, some arguments hearty debates, ;-) and we've shared a whole lot of images. We've changed rules and categories when we needed to, and we've remained devoted to revisiting guidelines and reshaping the Community to try new things regularly. In one month, we are going to do this again, making what we feel is a necessary change to our Category Structure to improve the overall sharing experience here.

We've decided to consolidate some Categories, and will be doing away with some Categories. We will be removing the 365 Project and 52 Project Categories, as well as the Cell/Tablet/Webcam Category and revert to posting images only to the 1 Self Portrait A Week Category. We feel this will streamline things, help highlight all users equally in the stream, and make consideration of the images we choose to share a much more careful process. As such, we feel the experience for all users will improve. 

We would like for you to stop using these categories now so that we can begin to transition.

Between now and May 18th moderators will be working to remind and make sure that people know we are phasing these categories out. On May 18th, these categories will be officially removed from the Community. Your images will remain in your personal albums, so you will not lose them! 

For those of you who really want to share every 365 image you have somewhere, we'd like to offer some suggestions to help you out! First, you can definitely share your best of the week in our 1 Self Portrait A Week Category. Next, it's great for you to share your images with your followers on your public profile - you can still share some images here, and people will be able to check out your profile for the rest of them. Finally, if you also really want to share a 365 self portrait in a Community every day, there are some wonderful 365 Communities out there that you can share all the images in your Project with. Here are a few that you might enjoy:

Creative 365 Project:
Project 365:
365 Images 365 Days:

We do hope you will remain a member of The Art of Self Portraiture and continue to post images to the 1 Self Portrait A Week category! We welcome you to post any self portrait you would like to, once a week, to this category. That means it can be your best 365 Project photo from the past week, your 52 Project photo, or just any self portrait at all that you'd like to share with the Community. Just remember that the aim is to share your best work - no low quality snapshots.

This will feel like a growing pain to some, and as with any change, we know that some may not like it. Please bear with us as we transition and continue to strive to grow and support learning and sharing of high quality, creative self portraiture. 

We will still have biweekly #SelfySunday Events as well as monthly Self Portrait Challenge Events - you can find them at any time in the "Events" Category. We'd like to heartily welcome you to post the images that you submit to those Events in our Community stream via the 1 Self Portrait A Week Category, as well. We'd love to see them here.

Eventually, we hope to host a regular "Critique" Event where members can submit their self portraits specifically for constructive critiques and suggestions. Stay on the look out for that! We will also continue to post tutorials we think you'll find helpful. If you have a request for a tutorial topic that you'd like covered, please don't hesitate to bring that up in the Discussion / Questions Category, where you can talk about or ask about anything related to self portraiture or photography in general.

Please take the time to revisit our revised Community Guidelines, posted here: Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We believe this change will help the Community grow in positive ways and support the original mission. Here's to continued learning and growing in high-quality, creative self portraiture, together!
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Jeff Smith

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One of my faves from such a legendary band!
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Jeff Smith

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Welcome to The Selfy Sunday Project for April 13, 2014

No Theme this Week

It is an open week so feel free to be as creative as you can.

Please read this post for the guidelines and FAQ for Selfy Sunday.

Your photo can be taken the week before the event up until 8:00 AM EST Monday Apr. 14/14. Older photos posted will be removed from the event.

Please only post one photo to the event and that photo should ideally be taken the weekend or the week prior to the event.

Again, please no dipping into the archives.

As always have some fun.

Everyone is looking forward to some great selfies.

Any questions, We have 18 moderators in the Art of Self Portraiture community who can help you along the way.


The event will be open for uploading photos at 9:00 PM on the Saturday before.

Click the Add Photos button in the event to upload your images.

This is a Public event open to all.

Any questions, again please check the FAQs.


The Selfy Sunday Project
Sat, April 12, 9:00 PM
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Jeff Smith

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Just because!

#webcamwednesday    - by and for the wonderful +Isabelle Fortin 
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Thanks +Cora Triton
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Have him in circles
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Behind a camera most of the time until I slip out in front then it's selfy time!
Oh just a geek and photographer at heart. Everything else just pays the bills.

My images reveal who I really am.

My passion for photography started over 30 years ago when I discovered a medium that translates my visions and dreams into my reality.

I am a published, award winning documentary style photographer who has explored many different photographic genres from landscapes to big city urban architecture, from portraits to events.

I have cut my teeth on film and moving to digital was a natural progression from the darkroom. I have never had more of an appreciation for the craft of photography than I do today.

Photography is the reason I get up every day, new visions swirling in my head: “Photography for me is very personal; it’s how I see the world and how the world see’s me through my images”

You can contact me at                     

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