Manly Pinterest Tip #1

Resharing for the evening crowd.

I know lots of guys out there who think that all Pinterest has to offer is pictures of purses, DIY projects, and pumpkin spice recipes. It's true, there is a lot of that, but there is so much more! Not only does it drive a ton of traffic, (I've written about that here: ) it also is a great idea generator. Here's one I came up with last week.

A little background. I have a 12 year old daughter who is running full bore into adolescence. I know she will begin to pull away and I want to keep that to a minimum as possible. I am constantly looking for ways to engage my daughter and keep the conversation going. So I created a secret Pinterest board for just my daughter and myself.

This Pinterest board is simply called "For Abby." On it I pin recipes for us to cook together, Thanksgiving and Christmas crafts I know she'd like to try, and even animal photos I know she'd love. Now this board is just for Abby and me, not even her Mom has access to it. This is a special place just for us.

So far this has really been a great place for us to connect. Its been a great conversation starter for us as well. When she gets home from school she asks, "Dad, have you checked our board today?"

So is this a Manly Pinterest tip? I think so. What's more manly than a Dad wanting to spend time with his daughter?

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Side Note: We really try to limit access our kids have online. Before I gave Abby her own Pinterest account I had a long talk with her about images that could be on there. My main concern was that she would constantly be bombarded with images of skinny, perfect, airbrushed models and develop a low self image.

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