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Circle Ileane Smith!

Get this.  I had a question on +Ileane Smith's tribe on Triberr and she took the time to make me my own private video explaining how to set it up properly!

I don't know about you, but that is above and beyond just being helpful.  This is what  +Stephan Hovnanian called being a "shepherd."

Make sure that you circle this kind and generous lady, but also read her content!  She is incredibly knowledgeable about blogging, YouTube marketing, and podcasting.  You'll be glad you did.

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She's definitely an amazing person. thanks for the shout out Jeff!
I've known +Ileane Smith ever since I first started blogging back in the day, she's awesome
Been following +Ileane Smith since the beginning. She really is awesome. Should check out her group on Facebook too! She helps out a ton of bloggers on there.
Hi +Jeff Sieh!  What a great story and recommendation.  That is definitely above and beyond.  I still need to figure out Triberr myself.  That is definitely on my list of to-dos :)  It is wonderful to meet you +Ileane Smith and to hear about your great kindness and generosity.  I'm very much looking forward to getting to know you!
Thanks +Katherine Kotaw!  +Ileane Smith is VERY knowledgeable about blogging, YouTube, etc.  Her blogs are great reads.  
Let me know if you need any help on Triberr.  It really has helped boost my blogs traffic!
Thank you so much, +Jeff Sieh for offering to help me with Triberr!  That means a lot to me and is so kind of you :)  It's also good to hear that it's helped boost your blog traffic.  That's terrific!  I will make a plan to schedule time to check it out, then if I have any questions will most certainly let you know.  Thank you again!!
Hi +Ileane Smith!  Thank you so much!  That is so nice of you to link to those videos for me and I'm excited to check them out!! :) 
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