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Do you ever want to hide on LinkedIn? If yes, here's how.

It's easy to switch back and forth when needed.

How do you use Private Mode on LinkedIn?

#GTD #Recruiting #Jobs #Career #IAMCP #MSPartner #P2P 

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The More You Know!

Did you know you can @ someone within the Outlook email and their name will stay in the text AND they will be added to the To: line? I didn't and I thought this was quite cool.

I may just be WAY behind the times, but I figured others might not know this trick either and wanted to share. Here is my sub-1 minute video on how it works.

#GTD #Productivity #OfficeTips #IAMCP #MSPartner #P2P

Hey, +Betsy Weber ... I hope you don't mind. I used you as an example.

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Are you going to the Microsoft Inspire event in DC in July?

If yes ... here are a few tips from David Gersten

David is the Western Region Director for the #IAMCP and he wrote this post with more than a few tips to insure a great #MSInspire event.

If you aren't attending there are still things for you to do. Some of the content will be livestreamed and the IAMCP Social Squad is always looking for helpers (ping me or Jon Rivers for this).

#IAMCPWIT #P2P #MSpartner 

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Your Digital Exhaust is EVERYWHERE.

Have you considered who owns your data?

If you are using a "free" app ... think Social Networking apps like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, SnapChat, etc. you may want to look a little more closely at the Terms of Service.

Hint: Your data is not your data.

#Data #Privacy #SocNet #SocMed #IAMCP #VFI

It's Pay it Forward Friday - buy the coffee, bring the donuts, hold a door or just smile. It's that easy. #piff #payitforward

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You Can Expect What You Inspect

Or, you get what you pay attention to.

Do you agree? I mentioned Stephen Covey, Tom Peters, and Greg McKeown here. Who else ascribes to this model?

It's Pay it Forward Friday - Do something for someone that has no way to repay you. #piff #payitforward

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It's Pay it Forward Friday - Do something for someone that has no way to repay you. #piff #payitforward

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31 Days until the Microsoft Inspire event

Will you be there? If yes, make sure you stop by the #IAMCP booth and watch the #IAMCPinspire hashtag for details about the annual Speakeasy.

In case you don't know ... Inspire is the new name for the former Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC). It is the largest Partner to Partner conference on the planet.

If you are a Microsoft partner or thinking of becoming one you should be here. Click on this link for details -

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