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Jeff Scott
Full-time geek, part-time nerd
Full-time geek, part-time nerd

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Just got an invite for a +OnePlus One (64 GB, black, unlocked, $376.99 USD incl. shipping). Should I pull the trigger? The specs are below if you're interested.

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Great message!
when did "like a girl" become an insult?   #beproud   #likeagirl  

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Shut up and take my money!
Kevin Spacey stars in insane new Call of Duty trailer.

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 Modern Remake Of the Famous Painting  
“Self Portrait 1889″ by Vincent van Gogh remake  by Tadas Černiauskas

#art   #vincentvangogh   #photography   #modern   #remake   #painting  

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Really excited for the +OnePlus One!
TechRadar had a hands-on with the OnePlus One! Read more about it

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Seriously excited about this phone's potential: amazing hardware, specs + #CyanogenMod FTW. (I'm hearing could be a "#Nexus killer" given the bold price point.) When I manage to get my hands on a +OnePlus  #One I'll be sure to share invites with other true believers :)
We are finally here. Today, we show the OnePlus One to the world. Click here to learn more about the One: #OnePlusOne #NeverSettle
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+Google+ Photos makes finding what you're looking for INCREDIBLY easy. This is exactly the one I wanted! Thanks :)

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Very cool experience: +Google Maps Night Walk in #Marseilles. Try it out!

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Ridiculous and cool!
Painting the Mona Lisa with paintballs
#wow   #gif  

Animated Photo

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Great sense of humour. Try this out :) (Works on iOS too)
Do this search. Seriously.

OK Google.
Up up down down left right left right

:D :D
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