Apple, Inc. Briefly Influenced By Newton's Gravity

Apple ($AAPL) experienced a flash crash this morning, plunging the stock by more than 9% in less than a minute. It was triggered by a few (100) shares selling at a very discounted rate -- possibly human error.

If a mistake, I feel sorry for the individual who gave up almost $6000 due to not being careful with data entry and by not verifying before submitting the trade. The stock was halted briefly and then resumed trading.

Apple must have its anti-gravity machine on as the fruit left the ground, reattaching to the tree. Shares of Apple quickly recovered back to where it had been before the big drop.

This is a quick lesson to all market dabblers. One, triple check your figures and ticker symbols before initiating any trade. Two, don't get spooked by irrational action in the market.

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