Come on, Apple. The iWatch As a Fashion Accessory?

Although I have no issue with creating wearable tech that is fashionable, I have a big issue with any tech company positioning an iWatch as a fashion accessory. Form (design) is important but function is more so when it comes to wearable tech -- tech that is supposed to do something other than just tell time (very old school, antiquated tech).

If the iWatch (Apple's, Google's, etcetera) does not utilize as much of the wristband as possible to position sensors and other components, then I will not be interested. I'm not looking for another wristwatch that has interchangeable bands that require the user to pony up more money.

That is a big waste of real estate. I gave up wearing watches more than ten years ago as the wristband annoyed me. It did nothing other than hold the device on your wrist. I decided I would not put any type of bracelet on my wrist until it maximized the benefit for the space it occupied on my skin.

If the iWatch is supposed to be a health (even medical) device, then drop the tech-free strap and add a series of sensors into the band. Let's be fashion forward by being future forward. Wristbands without tech should be a thing of the past.

You can also get a feel for the fashion-accessory iWatch concept via the image in this Appleinsider post: Rumor: Apple's 'iWatch' to have 'slightly rectangular' 2.5" display, wireless charging (

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