A Fleeting Victory of Derailing SOPA?

I posted late last week that those in favor of a #FreeInternet cannot rest, thinking that the seemingly-difficult time that the House of Representatives had with marking up #SOPA was a positive sign.

Instead, I suggested that "Although it is heartening to see that there has been enough of an uproar to cause the markup process to get extended and the bill's purpose questioned, it is too early to celebrate. " Well, the House is reconvening this week -- a week that traditionally they take off for the holidays -- to see if they can ram through this insane legislation.

We need to keep on top of our game. Come Monday, it is once again time to call your elected officials and tell them to stop the insanity.

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What to learn more about #SOPA and #PIPA? I've put together this G+ resource page: https://plus.google.com/112526081195315983895/posts/V4qsi4i7qru
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