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Is There Social Stress In the Metaspace?

This interesting article about social ranking in non-human primates and the resultant stressors -- or lack their of -- made me think about the very really possibility of stressors caused by online interactions in the Metaspace.

From the article:

[there is] a link between social status and genetic regulation in primates on a genome-wide scale, revealing a strong, plastic link between social environment and biology.

Since human primates, in other words the animal Homo sapiens, are equally affected by social status in the Meatspace reality, could the successes and failures that individuals have in cultivating relationships in the online world be having an similar affect? After all, the Metaspace realm has a growing number of indicators of social status: number of followers; number of circlers; number of comments; Klout score; number of retweets, shares, likes, and +1s.

Is the evolutionary reality of in-person, group social status pervading the artificial realm of online social networking? Do we need to start thinking about Metasocial stress? I believe that the answer is yes.

What do you think?

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+Jeff Jockisch Thanks! The import of conversations, interactions, and engagement in the virtual space of social networks is becoming (or has become) as important to many people as the same types of interactions we're used to having in our in-person, physical reality.

I believe that for a growing number of netizens, the lines between warm-bodied, flesh and blood relationships and those of artifically-faciliated relationships is becoming blurred. As such, the relative importance of online social interaction in everyday life needs to be reassessed.
I'd be shocked if virtual social dynamics didn't trigger many of the same stressors. After all, many of the strategies involved in spreading info or behavior through the virtual social world rely on trigger the same systems of social reward!
I am the Queen of my own network, but my network only consists of other Queens and Kings. Some of these 'virtual social indicators' tell me I am not. I refuse to bow to this artificially constructed reality, an environment of oppression encouraged by greed.

We are all equal, the hierarchy structures we construct for ourselves, hidden or not, are not self justifying and should always be sought out and challenged.

Just as the liberation of Capital creates oppression and inequalities, so does the liberation of Privacy as it becomes commodified.

Indicators for 'content of interest' are appreciated, but don't you dare rank me by my number of followers or klout score.
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