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Could Life Be Abundant In Our Galaxy?

First we get the news this week that there are likely tens of billions of super Earths in habitable zones strewn throughout the galaxy ( Then we get this news:

Whenever you make a new planetary system, these kinds of things should go on. This potential to make organics and then dump them on the surfaces of any planet you make is probably a universal process.

It seems like the prerequisites to the formation of life may very well be abundant throughout our galaxy and probably the universe. Given the laws of chemistry and evolution, this should result in ample life elsewhere.

Of course, life ranges anywhere from simple, single-celled organisms to complex, sentient beings like humans. So, the question is, Are there any places in the universe other than Earth where life evolved into more complex forms?

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Statistics have always said we aren't the only ones
Great... this means I have to study more now because there's a limitless amount of more competition than I thought there was... thanks for letting me know.
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