I'm Not Sure What To Think Of Smart Watches In General

Is Apple working on the rumored iWatch? If so, will it be released this year or even ever? I have no idea. You can read the article below and formulate your own opinions. Instead, I have a different question.

Are Smart Watches a truly innovative, disruptive, or even useful product category? I'm not yet sure. I can see some utility, but I think initially they will  be more fluff than substance. Until they start offering a full suite of personalized sensors (medical, environmental, etcetera), the product category will remain more of a not-really-needed accessory.

Some Thoughts on the Rumored iWatch

If the iWatch does indeed, as rumored in the article, come with a "multitude of biometric sensors to measure various health metrics," then it may be the launch of a new, important product category. Or at least this would be a significant advancement in the produce category if you consider narrow-purpose devices like the Nike FuelBand, Fitbit, or even Pebble watch as belonging to this category.

I do wonder if the purported iWatch will look like the rigid bracelets below? If so, for some users, the inner surface may not make full contact will their skin. This means that sensors positioned around the full inner circumference of the device might not provide accurate readings.

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