More iWatch Speculation. Only "Time" Will Tell...

Love them or hate them, this recent hire by Apple is intriguing. It seems to indicate a possible functional design track that Apple may be heading in with its purported iWatch device. The new hire, Alex Hsieh, is the former lead engineer at Atlas Wearables, a wearable fitness device startup that launched its first product via a very successful Indiegogo campaign in February of this year.

Just last October, VentureBeat called Atlas Wearables "probably the coolest startup" at TechStars Austin’s demo day. See, Meet the 10 startups from TechStars Austin’s demo day (

Beyond Simple Biometrics

Whereas we will have to wait and see what an iWatch offers, it is clear that the fitness tracker designed by Atlas Wearables goes far beyond simple biometrics. From the VentureBeat article above:

During a short demo, he brought a personal trainer on stage to show that Atlas’ tech can distinguish between multiple activities, including steps, squats, curls, and more. Hell, the thing could even distinguish between a regular pushup and a triangle pushup. You can look at the data after a workout and immediately see what you still need to do.

With Apple's iWatch rumored to have up to ten sensors, and with the poaching of Atlas Wearables' chief engineer, we may see another amazing device released by Apple in the coming year -- maybe even yet this year.

More Information

You can view Atlas Wearables' Indiegogo campaign video here: 

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