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Futurist • Technologist • Naturalist

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Our Book Is Now Live!

After three years of hard work, hundreds of treks into the field across the Midwest, and almost 30,000 photos, the field guide that I co-authored with +Kenn Kaufman and his Wife Kim is officially released as of this morning!

This pocket-sized field guide makes a great addition to any naturalist's toolkit, to a birder who wants to learn more about the other organisms in the Midwest, to a botanist interested in birds and butterflies, or to everyone else who likes to spend time in their yard or a park in the Midwest looking at nature. Please consider purchasing one for yourself and thirty or forty for friends and family! ;-)

You can find it on Amazon here: 

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An article about one of my newest startups -- a board game company co-founded with one of my brothers. This is the first media story about our efforts!

If you want to stay in the loop about this startup, please subscribe to our mailing list here:

#boardgames #gamedev #indiedev #startups #crowdfunding

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New Administration Hates Science

The current administration's war on science -- from stifling communication from government researchers, to spewing alternative facts (lies), to deleting data off of publicly owned servers -- is more malicious and dangerous than people realize. It will not make America great again. Science is the path to any chance of true progress and discovery for a free nation.

The White House's and even Republican Party's attack on truth must be stopped. If it is not, it could destroy us in the end.

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You need to watch this short video to learn what happened behind the scenes to give the republican minority the advantage. REDMAP is "gerrymandering on steroids". Over the past 15-20 years, Republican strategists have been methodically engineering their long-term success by aggressively using legal redistricting rules.

This will make it very difficult for Democrats to recapture seats at the state and federal level in 2018 and 2020. A massive counter to the Republicans' pernicious plot is needed.

No other true democracy in the world allows this to happen. When politicians are allowed to design their voting districts to stack the odds in their party's favor, the essence of democracy is lost.

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Should This Community Be Closed?

I created this G+ Community almost 4 years ago. It's been awhile since any moderator of this G+ Community spent time on the site. We now have over 31,000 members. I wonder how many of them are active, how many of them are spam accounts?

If you still find this community useful and of interest, please respond to this post. Moderating this community has always be a thankless job, requiring a significant time investment. So if you wish to see this community stay alive, now is the time to speak up!

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66,100 Followers! Really?

Just checking in with the followers of this collection! When I created this G+ Collection almost 3 years ago, I had big dreams for it to become a community where people who loved science and natural history could get together and share interesting thoughts, stories, and research on the subject.

I just checked and noticed that this collection apparently has 66,100 followers. I find that hard to believe.

So, if you are one of the followers of this collection and are still active on G+, please +1 this post or, better yet, leave a comment. If there is sufficient response, then I'll keep the collection active. If not, then I may close it.

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This past Saturday, despite support and love from wonderful friends, family, doctors, and community, my 15-year old nephew, John David Ballard, lost his two-year battle against depression.

He received excellent care, but the family’s experience showed them the immense need for more mental health care capacity for children and teens in this community—so that families need not wait for care or bear the expenses of traveling to find care. His Mother (my sister-in-law) Cathy Pulley Ballard and his Father (my brother-in-law) John T. Ballard would like to address this need.

The family will channel funds raised to address the mental health needs of children and adolescents in the valley area.


Fewer than 48 hours since launching the JD Ballard Teen Health Fund we have reached 45% of our initial goal. But we are just at the beginning of this campaign. Your continued support is appreciated.

Thank you so much for supporting this important cause and providing a little warmth to our family in these most difficult of times.

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Latest Prototype To Our PentaHex Board Game Unit

Here's a prototyping update about the latest iteration to the board units of our PentaHex Gaming Platform.

In case you are not yet doing so, please follow +Sayre Brothers' Games to keep updated on the latest news!

Meta: #boardgames   #gamedev   #indiedev   #indiegame   #indiegamedev   #gaming   #gamingnews   #games   #prototyping   #3dprinting  


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Introducing The PentaHex Gaming Platform!

Here's one of the startup projects I've been working on over the past several months. I'm forming an indie game company with two of my brothers. You can learn a little more at our website: 

We currently are in the prototyping phase, quickly iterating on our initial idea. We have five prototyping update videos finished (four currently uploaded to YouTube, the fifth one to be available this evening). You can find those on our G+ Page: 

If you're interested, please take a few minutes to follow us on various social channels -- which you can find on our home page or even more easily on any of our blog posts.

#indiegame   #gamedev   #gaming   #3dprinting   #boardgames   #startup  

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The Real Morality of Religion?

Here's an interesting study about religion and altruism. Apparently children raised with a religious bent are less likely to share with others and are quicker to judge and then punish in a harsher way.

From the article:

Consistent with previous studies, in general the children were more likely to share as they got older. But children from households identifying as Christian and Muslim were significantly less likely than children from non-religious households to share their stickers. The negative relation between religiosity and altruism grew stronger with age; children with a longer experience of religion in the household were the least likely to share.

Children from religious households favored stronger punishments for anti-social behavior and judged such behavior more harshly than non-religious children. These results support previous studies of adults, which have found religiousness is linked with punitive attitudes toward interpersonal offenses.

Meta: #science   #religion   #psychology   #biology   #morality  

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