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Jeff Ruiz
And now my unfortunate friend, you will discover a war you're unable to win.
And now my unfortunate friend, you will discover a war you're unable to win.

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According to the main book, are Techno-jackers the only humans immune to the nano virus? 

Which Rifter has the metamorph for splicers in it? 

Hi everyone. New to Polaris RPG here. Found out about it a year or so back at a previous Gen Con. Joined in on the Kickstarter. The books look awesome and read fairly well. Couple of questions...

1. Is there a PDF of the character sheet?
2. Is there a character generator of sorts that assists in automating the character generation process? Either official or homebrewed?

Thanks in advance

Question regarding Biotics and their regeneration....

Per page 147, Biotics have a standard regeneration rate of 1D6 M.D. per MELEE ROUND. Pretty self-explanatory. Now, goto page: 84

Regeneration: Basic - 3D4 per HOUR
Regeneration: Enhanced - 1D6 per MINUTE

Both of these state that a Biotic can get these at the listed cost, but their natural rate of regeneration is BETTER. So why would a Biotic bother with these?

The only available Regeneration enhancement that is better than what the Biotic gets is:

Regeneration: Super at 2D6+3 per MELEE

In my mind, as a GM, a Biotic should not need to pay for Basic and Enhanced just to get Super. So as I was making an NPC for someone, I only "charged" the Biotic the 30 Bio-E for Super and not 15 for Basic and Enhanced.

Does this sound right?

Past week or so, I have been volunteering at the Palladium Books office. During that time, I have been having a blast. Helping with a variety of projects around the office. But some of the greatest fun that I have had is brainstorming with +Chuck Walton about Splicers. Heck, you guys might end up seeing something by me in an upcoming Rifter.

I believe that Chuck has been wowed by some of my ideas - both for my own house and for things that he and Chris Kluge  are working on.

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