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Time for more of the insanely addicting Deus Ex. 
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yes it is a great game... I love to replay levels and check out different ways to do things
Please tell me you're killing people and not doing the nonlethal run that the hippies at IGN/1UP/Gamespy did.
I am killing everyone... this play through
@Thierry i start a situation stealthy, but once im spotted, I'm killin' em. 
lol that is exactly how I am doing it this time around Jeff.
It was just too difficult at times to stay hidden. Maybe I was a bit bullheaded and impatient at times, but I tried diligently to stay in stealth the entire game to no avail.

ps best stealth ever, still after over a decade, "Metal Gear Solid".
Almost done with the first playtrough (I think) and I've gone for the stealth/hack/stun approach. Might finish it tonight and start on the second playtrough, no hacking or stealth, just pure shooter.
Hey Jeff, check out the second name in the credits for the original Deus Ex. :) BTW, when will you be at TGS?
Hack turret. Carry turret. Drop turret at baddies doorstep. Giggle. Loot. Repeat. 
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