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Time for more of the insanely addicting Deus Ex. 
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yes it is a great game... I love to replay levels and check out different ways to do things
Please tell me you're killing people and not doing the nonlethal run that the hippies at IGN/1UP/Gamespy did.
I am killing everyone... this play through
@Thierry i start a situation stealthy, but once im spotted, I'm killin' em. 
lol that is exactly how I am doing it this time around Jeff.
It was just too difficult at times to stay hidden. Maybe I was a bit bullheaded and impatient at times, but I tried diligently to stay in stealth the entire game to no avail.

ps best stealth ever, still after over a decade, "Metal Gear Solid".
Almost done with the first playtrough (I think) and I've gone for the stealth/hack/stun approach. Might finish it tonight and start on the second playtrough, no hacking or stealth, just pure shooter.
I hope to get the game soon ... that and crysis 2 ... but I'll be busy with resistance starting next week it seems
Hey Jeff, check out the second name in the credits for the original Deus Ex. :) BTW, when will you be at TGS?
Hack turret. Carry turret. Drop turret at baddies doorstep. Giggle. Loot. Repeat. 
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