And the Winner Is...
When I originally had the idea of giving away my winning NAPP membership  I thought it would be fun to toss it out there to the masses and see what kind of response I would get. I figured I would get some comments from a few folks who were looking to up their Photoshop skills but I never dreamed I would get the kind of response I did. So many deserving people threw their names in the hat for a chance to win that it made making a decision incredibly difficult. So many of you are so deserving and I wish I had more memberships to give away but alas, I only have the one. 

I read through all of the comments a couple of times and I kept coming back to one of them belonging to +Amy Johnson. Amy is a high school student who is completely in to photography and I think that reading her comment reminded me so much of myself. I was fortunate to have a great photography teacher in high school who really inspired me and stoked my passion for photography, which eventually led to a career of picture taking. This is why I have decided to give the membership to Amy, in hopes that I can give her some of the tools and inspirational learning on NAPP that will plant the seeds of something greater in her future.

Congratulations to you Amy and for everyone else who left me a comment, thank you for sharing some of your stories and I hope that you find some way in the future to get your hands on your own NAPP membership. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to do this again in the future.
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