NAPP Membership Giveaway
Hey everyone, I have something really great that I want to give away to someone here in the Google Plus community. So here's the deal. A couple of months ago I submitted an image to the Leader contest for the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk. This was the first time that there has been a contest that was just for the leaders and so I thought it would be fun to submit one of my images. I really didn't give it much thought but a couple of weeks later I found out that my shot was one of the winners.

Yesterday I was notified that the prize for my winning shot was a one year subscription to NAPP, which also includes a one year subscription to the totally awesome Photoshop User magazine. This is a fantastic prize but, since I am already a member, I sent off an email to my buddy Scott Kelby and asked if I could give away my prize to someone on Google Plus. I could have tacked on another year to my membership but I really want some deserving person to experience the benefits of a NAPP membership. Scott gave me the green light so that's just what I am going to do.

So here's how this works, add a comment to this post and tell me why you want/need/deserve a one year NAPP membership (non-members only please). I will sort through the comments and pick a winner. The cutoff for comments will be this Saturday, January 12th at Midnight (Eastern Time). I will announce the winner on Sunday and get your contact info so that your membership can be processed.

If you aren't sure if you aren't real sure about what NAPP is and why you should be a member check out this link 

Thanks to the +Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk, +NAPP, and of course my buddy +Scott Kelby for letting me share this great prize with one of you. Goog Luck!
By the way, that's my winning image below.

Oh, and if you are already a NAPP member, could you do me a favor and re-share this so that I can give as many people as possible an opportunity to win. But please tell folks to comment on the original post, not the shared version.

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