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really need to ditch Windows at home and get a Mac.....this thing is a pig.....
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What is your current setup like?..

PCs and macs have the same hardware nowadays, the only difference is that windows is easier, safer, cleaner..

If you don't already have one, get an SSD.. It is hands down the best thing I have bought so far. It has sped up my system much faster than any other piece of hardware..
good call +David Razloga that's probably what I need to do....I have a pos dell that's pretty new but its not SSD
I assembled my machine myself, but in my opinion, there isn't anything wrong with buying a pre-built PC, so long as you install a clean copy of windows as soon as you get it..

For the SSD, remember that you don't need it to be too big, my 120GB SSD is more than enough to house all of my programs and any working projects.. I also have a 4TB raid setup for everything else..

apple sells pre-built computers, their quality is not exactly as stellar as it once was.. The only reason people pay so much more for apple hardware is because of the shiny, half-chewed on logo.. :P
+David Razloga, while I'm a windows user myself, I would debate that it's "easier, safer, cleaner". 'Easier' tends to be whatever you're used to, 'safer' is however you've configured your anti-malware product suite, and 'cleaner' is how well you configure and manage your processes, file system, registry cleaning, etc...

I will definitely not debate that the half-chewed brand is part of the premium price though, and I'm completely with you on SSDs; can hardly wait to get one on my next laptop in a few months. I'm waiting it out since I've read that manufacturers are still in the midst of reallocating production lines from moving-part to solid-state, and so prices should drop between Q2 and Q3.
I do believe that windows is easier to use than osx.. I have had friends that have used macs for years- when I show them my setup, they are surprised how quickly and easily I can accomplish anything they can. I suppose this is debatable though..

I do think that windows computers are safer though. Microsoft has had decades of experience in working with malware- there are very many software suites that can easily deal with almost any type of malware.. Personally, I use Microsoft Security Essentials (yay for being free!) and I haven't had any issues in years. As opposed to (one friend of mine in particular) someone who uses a mac and doesn't even know that anti-malware software even exists for macs. apple isn't even so keen to advertise this either..

Cleaner, yes, I do think that it is easier to "clean" a computer and to keep it that way. I have dealt with registry issues on windows and macs, it is a simple process to keep it clean.

As for prices of solid state drives, I don't think that they will drastically drop in price in the near future.. I paid about $110 shipped for my sandisk 120GB drive. There are better deals out there nowadays though. I usually peruse now and again and usually see a good deal pop up once a week or so...

A friend of mine recently bought an SSD for his computer- he too was waiting for them to get cheaper.. I'll let +Matt Anderson tell you if he thinks it was worth it..
Thanks for your detailed response David. Personally I also find windows easier to use than osx, but being completely used to the former, I can't generalize. I agree that culturally, mac users may be less likely to be aware of malware issues, but to be fair it's entirely allegorical.

It would be pretty interesting to run a study where a large number of subjects switch OSs :)

Interesting to hear more about SSDs already being cheap without a large drop incoming, thanks! From the sounds of it, I may cycle onto my next laptop after my present busy state of affairs cools down a bit in late June.
I do love my SSD, now that I have one, methinks I would pay twice as much if I had no choice- I would still be happy with it..

I encoded a my brother's wedding to a DVD format to send to a few family member, ~2 hours of video took somewhere around 20 minutes to finish processing.. I don't have an i7 and my video card was $25.. :D
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