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#Daily #Music #Vote for November 19

If you were forced to eliminate one of these musical groups from your life forever, which would you KEEP? Pink Floyd or The Rolling Stones?

Please +1 your vote in the first two comments of the original post.

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I'd have to keep Floyd. But I hope my life never comes to a head with this decision.
Click the +1 by the Pink Floyd comment (first comment in the thread) to make your vote official.
Thanks for your vote, please remember to +1 the second comment to vote for The Rolling Stones. :)

Comments are optional if you want to say why you're voting the way you are.
Let Me See...
I Have Captured Both On Film...
Saw The Beginnings Of Both...
Listened To Both....
The Rolling Stones Are Here To Stay!

Bigger Catalog and More Directions!

The Rolling Stones +100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
Hey +Mark Fisher don't forget to +1 your vote in one of the first two comments. For the Rolling Stones, hover your mouse over the second comment and click the +1 icon.
I'd be okay to never listen to Floyd again. I don't even need to be forced haha.
The Stones! Couldn't live without'em
Another brick in the wall for Pink Floyd. The Rolling Stones take it 13-3.

Next up: The Beatles or The Clash?
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