Alright, I'm putting a call out to the Android news community to put Verizon's feet to the fire on this whole Nexus 7 LTE issue.

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I've posted about it several times, so I won't bother repeating it, but here's the link to my previous ramblings:

I've also tweeted directly to @VZWSupport and the PR rep who posted Verizon's statement about device certification, Debi Lewis (@VZWDebi) and as far as I'm aware no one has heard an update.

We're past the specified 4-6 week window they claim it takes to certify a device, so at this point they either lied, or they ran into problems and need more time to "authorize" the tablet. Either way, you would think they would provide an update since there was obvious interest in the issue.

Also, +Google, where are you in this whole thing? You announce at the press even that it should be supported by Verizon, people have shown that an activated Verizon SIM functions fine in the tablet, and still your users are left hanging. We know you guys can do better.
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