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Winterize your homescreen with #HueI-Freeze, recently updated and available in the Play Store (

#FeelTheFreeze 😎 
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Jeff “skynet11” McIntire

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Basketfurball 😻
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You are being watched. #HueI-Machina is now free so you can be monitored by the Government's secret system every hour of every day show your interest in Person of Interest at no cost to yourself! 
You are being watched. HueI-Machina is an icon pack whose color palette is ...
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Worth checking out maybe 😋
If you own a Nexus 6p and want to shit your panties I'd highly recommend flashing the freshly released unofficial AOKP build... It's been a long time coming but holy sheet is she full of goodies... And full OMS support I might add... What a throwback to the good ol' days of Android!!!
+Terry Vhal​
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#Caturday night's alright for fightin apparently 🙀🙀
😸........................................ 😸
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Hahahahaha zaska!!!
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Bwahahaha 😹
Seriously, though, I can't help but feel sorry for the heartbreaking last-second loss for Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot, especially since the QB had to grow up with a name like "Dak" 😜
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I don't lol...and it's not really Dak, it's Rayne Dakota
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Seriously, there's nothing that TBO does to Google apps to make them theme-ready that compromises your privacy in any way. Of course, anything Google does to harvest your data through their stock apps will also work in theme-ready apps. The only group you need to worry about here is Google themselves, which would also be the case with stock apps 😉
I'm starting to see concern of TeamBlackOut theme ready Google apps. I'm not sure if someone is just talking out their ass but our apps have ALWAYS been safe to use. We have been theming since 2009 and never ever one issue with privacy and security. All we do is expose hard coded values for themes. Nothing we do breaks security or the apps will not work.

We keep all original security in tact. You could always compare our apps with stock using a program like diffmerge or beyond compare and see the changes we make. Handouts and YouTube changes are on github from Dave and Train. We have nothing to hide so go look if you're foil hat is bothering you lol.

Also themes CAN support stock and theme ready apps, there's no reason Themers can't accommodate both. My themes use neutral text so it shows on white and black bg's so you'll never see my themes say you cannot use my themes without theme ready. You'll have much better looking Google apps using it but using stock versions still function. Mind you this is for inverted themes...accent changing themes have no need.

Themes who claim they don't need Theme ready. I can claim that too but you'll not see the beauty of fully themed apps without issues from tint tricks. They are handy but break things so it's not a perfect replacement to theme ready.

Remove those foil hats and just enjoy your phone.

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Giveaway includes promo codes for lots of cool themes and icon packs!
Official DU Giveaway

This is the official announcement! Get ready!!!

This giveaway is about us showing you all how much we appreciate you! If we could we would just give out free stuff and that's it but we wanted to also make it some what interesting!

We wanted to show our appreciation for the users that have been here since the beginning and YES, even those that jumped on the bandwagon half way Marshmallow hahaha yes, we noticed :-)

We recognize that DU has gone through a lot of changes both with the ROM itself and community. While many decided
to jump ship or stop supporting us because these changes, there's a lot of you that have said 'this is my ROM' and have
stuck in there with us! This means a lot to us, believe it or not! Not only that but there's a lot of users turn hobbyists/developers
who have started to contribute to the ROM and make it even better! All the feedback on JIRA, G+ and devs base has been helpful
as well. Sure there are times where we may want to choke out a few of you but in the end you make our hobby/project that
much better!

OK so here's the deal with the giveaway

We want to hear from you all! We want to hear your story! We're always hearing about how 'I've been a DU user since the EVO 3D' and
we know there's a lot of good stories out there, we want them! Don't make up things, we'll know if you're lying because we've been
here since the beginning :p

Be yourself and lets have a good time!

- Register if you haven't already and head over to Devs Base

- In the thread listed above, tell us about your experience

~ When was the first time you used DU?
~ How long have you been using DU?
~ Tell us about your experience with the ROM itself and the team.
~ What would you change if given the chance?

Something to add, don't bad mouth other projects. This is not what we're looking for. Tell us about your experience but don't be trashy
about it.

- Make sure to include your G+ profile in your post so we know who to contact for prizes!

That's it! Giveaway ends in exactly 1 week

We've got A LOT of promo codes for a lot of great themes, icon packs, apps and even a few t-shirts!

All of which wouldn't be possible without the following folks helping us out! Don't be shy to follow them either! :-)

+Andre Zimmermann 
+Daniel Huber 
+Daniel Schott 
+De Jan 
+Devon Witherell 
+Federico Porcu 
+Gianluca Spadazzi 
+Jacek Malinowski 
+Jeff McIntire 
+Jeremy Beck 
+Kevin Aguilar 
+Rahul K Dinesh 
+Sasi Kanth 
+Tesla Tri 
+Travis Hall 
+wasim khan 

Thank you and we hope to hear from you all!
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You are being watched. #HueI-Machina is now free so you can be monitored by the Government's secret system every hour of every day show your interest in Person of Interest at no cost to yourself! 
You are being watched. HueI-Machina is an icon pack whose color palette is ...
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On Sale for the next days!I'm sure you know this theme works only for devices running theme engine compatible roms. As you can see, this is

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*DESCRIPTION* Theme Features 81 Primary Colors 106 Accent Colors 8 Framework Colors 7 Google Keyboard Colors 7 AOSP Keyboard Colors 11 Heade

Darkonis - Icon Pack - Android Apps on Google Play

Darkonis: A dark set of high quality icons.What's included:★ 2.500 + HD icons (256x256) ★ 37 matching HD cloud wallpapers ★ Launchers

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In its announcement of the second Android N Dev Preview, Google mentioned support for Unicode 9, including more human emojis, skin-tone emoj

HueI-Freeze - Android Apps on Google Play

HueI-Freeze - Completely hand-drawn vector-based icons with a Winter-themed color palette and subtle (NON-Material Design) shadowing effects

Quantum Dots BETA - Icon Pack - Android Apps on Google Play

Features: - 350+ icons that are qHD ready, more icons coming soon! - Support for over 20 launchers and CM Theme Engine - Original Wallpapers

Ultra Icon Pack BETA - Android Apps on Google Play

ULTRA - A refreshingly vibrant icon pack!Please rate and review!!!*Beta sale for a limited time!Beautiful visually stimulating ultra crisp i

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Neonique - Completely hand-drawn vector-based icons with a vivid color palette (pure red, deep orange, pure yellow, pure green, pure blue, d

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No ads, no in-app purchases. Just a simple launcher that lets you select which apps are available for the person you are handing your phone

Limed It - Icon Pack - Android Apps on Google Play

Lime and cool as it comes....especially for free! • FEATURES** 2500++ custom icons ** HD Wallpapers ** Multi-launcher support ** Dynamic c

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11AM checkout is too early 😞
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Friendly staff, free WiFi, comfortable accommodations
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