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Jeff “skynet11” McIntire
Android power user, writer and icon pack designer
Android power user, writer and icon pack designer

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Winterize your homescreen with #HueI-Freeze, recently updated and available in the Play Store (

#FeelTheFreeze 😎 

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Flux is in flux no more 🤗
Flux theme for Substratum is available on Google Play now!
After almost four months of continuous work, you can now enjoy Flux theme on Substratum!

Download Flux Substratum Theme:

Few highlights:
• Dark and vibrant UI everywhere!
• Small apk size because almost everything is in vector drawable format!
• Themed many stock and third party apps and more will come with future updates!
• Works with all DPI sizes!
• Many more you will discover by using Flux!
It is highly suggested to read the FAQ in Google Play description if you are having issues!

Finally, i would like to say a huge thanks to everyone in telegram group who helped me with this project!

For those who are asking if Flux will get cm14.1 (LOS) support the answer is yes, whenever they release CMTE (LOSTE?).

Don't forget to rate and write a review, it helps me a lot! :)
Also like and share this post with your circles!

Enjoy and stay tuned for more updates very soon!

#flux #substratum #theme #materialui #darkui #vibrant

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Furball chorus line 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻
#FurballFriday 😻 

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My iONs setup, icons by +Michail _k​ of +Phunktastic Designs​, wallpaper from Google Wallpapers 😎
Get your iONs charged here:

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Itshappening.gif 🤗

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Basketfurball 😻
#FurballFriday 😻 

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Moar updates 🤗
Magpie Reborn 1.8.4

First of all i want to thanks substratum team members because without them, all of this wont be possible. Thanks to all of the substratum themers in the telegram chat too!

What's updated:

+ Light theme returns!
+ Add GMS ( icon only )
+ Add DU About - Thanks +De Jan
+ Add Pixel launcher - Thanks +David Wilson
+ Add Lynch primary color - Requested by +Mirko Weser
+ Add Lynch accent color - Requested by +Mirko Weser
+ Add DarkRedWine accent color - Requested by +Devrian Ivanny
+ Add Flirt accent color - Requested by +Devrian Ivanny
+ Add RedVelvetCake accent color - Requested by +Devrian Ivanny
+ Add missing colors in frameworks
+ Add missing colors in settings
+ Add missing colors in systemui
+ Fix Google dialer
+ Fix AOSP dialer
+ Fix Google app
+ Fix Google keyboard
+ Fix DU updater
+ Fix WhatsApp - Thanks +David Wilson​ - DO NOT USE BETA!
+ Change navbars theme behavior
+ Remove chromium

How to update:
+ Defaults Manager - Restore System Theme - Uninstall all installed overlays
+ Open Magpie - Choose dark or light theme - Tick all - Build & Enable
+ FULL REBOOT after you find the look you're looking for.

Download link :

Magpie Legacy ( for android 6.x and below ) :

This theme NEEDS theme ready google apps! Get it inside of TBO app!

Link to TBO app : 
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Updates 🤗
Domination Substratum theme has been updated on the Play Store and you can find it here: -

Version 3.3 Changelog:

* Fixed up ALL OVERLAYS!!! Fixed the jank and removed that disgusting backgroundTint where it's not needed
* Added DU About
* Fixed up Chrome, Chrome Beta, Chrome Dev and Chromium for higher dpi devices
* Do not update the following apps from the versions listed below, or the theme overlay will likely break:
Chrome - v55.0
Google Clock - v5.0
Inbox - v1.40
Instagram - v10.8.0
WhatsApp - v2.17.65

Make sure you Build & Update all the available overlays! If need be, you may need to uninstall them all and then reinstall them. And don't forget to flash the latest Theme Ready Google Apps zip!

Thanks and happy theming,



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