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Jeff Matsuya

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It's all about bread

+andrew gram is having another exhibition (man that guy is prolific!), and it's all about bread - or, at least I assume it is, given the title.  If you're in Tokyo next month, check it out!  Details here: 

(picture below is totally unrelated to Andrew's exhibit, but coincidentally, I found myself helping in a bakery a couple weeks back and couldn't help taking some photos ;)
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We will see about that!! haha
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Jeff Matsuya

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A bit of silliness


would you just shut UP already...


I'd taken this some time ago, not sure what made me remember it today.  Good night all, hope you have a good week!

#silliness   #Japan   #gulls  
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Peggy M
so totally like a gull!
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Jeff Matsuya

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Philosopher's Tree

I had the chance to go to Hokkaido last weekend, hoping to catch some sunrise and sunset shots, but unfortunately the weather chose to be very uncooperative.  (well, weather and smog).  Still, got a few shots that were interesting, including a couple of long exposures.

As you can see from this album, I rarely shoot LE, so I'm still working out the best way to get rid of the color casting caused by the filter, which tends to make everything a very deep blue.  Still need to experiment and practice a bit more obviously..

Despite the bad weather, I still had a good time - thanks to +Jason Arney , +Agustin Rafael Reyes , +Aaron Tang , +Nithin Selva , and +Kanna Nishimura for the pleasure of their company!

#hokkaido     #japan     #longexposure   #philosopherstree   
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as ex legend bbc radio 1 chris moyles
NOTICE!! you know nowdays
in modern age happens computerized
pictures with bluring background .
my first idea in my mind:
it looks so extraordnary it must
be picture maker like picasa 3
or something higher in it.
i dont mean it for real .my
big APOLOGIZE(without timbaland
of course) i only asking..
i hope you understand it)
:) have a picturesque day:)
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Jeff Matsuya

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Going back to Prague, this was a shot taken around the Prague Castle area.  Like the Queen's guard in England, I'm certain these soldiers are well-used to having their photo taken, though I didn't try to see if I could get any of them to crack a smile.  :P

Off to the office - have a good day folks!

#prague   #soldiers   #marching   #europe   #czechrepublic  
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sorry for missing words
on my comments,blimey!!
changing the guards
not chancing fool.
im sorry
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Jeff Matsuya

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Old, new, and everything in between

Architecture in Prague (and perhaps throughout Europe?) is pretty cool with its mix of old and new structures, homes and apartments rubbing shoulders with ancient cathedrals.  Perhaps a common sight for Europeans, but not something I've observed very much in a metropolis like Tokyo.

Have a good weekend folks, and good night!  :)

#prague   #czechrepublic   #europe   #architecture  
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+Giovanni Rosso , indeed, stratification was the work I was looking for - thanks :)
+Ana Isabel , I've only been to Prague and Italy, but you're quite right - the architecture does bring the history to life and I hope to visit more of Europe in the future!
+Arne Lepla , thanks!  :)
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Jeff Matsuya

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Looking up

Just another view of the St. Francis of Assisi church in Prague.  The amount of detail is just phenomenal!  This was the only church I was allowed to bring a tripod in (briefly) since it was at night, just at closing time, and the staff graciously permitted a couple of quick shots. :)

Have a good day all!

#prague   #czechrepublic   #stfrancischurch   #europe  
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Peggy M
Incredible!  Exquisite work of art.
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Jeff Matsuya

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Merry Christmas

I know I've been absent from social media for quite a while, but just wanted to wish everyone happy holidays!  (hope you like dogs)  :)
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June 73
Wishing you a merry green Christmas!
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Jeff Matsuya

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Some very sad news today - Robin Williams has died, apparently by suicide.
I've always enjoyed his movies, and despite his manic personality (or perhaps because of it?), thought that he was extremely talented. Apparently he also struggled with depression which, for someone like me who always saw him as upbeat and full of energy, is something which is hard to fathom.

Came across this link via pourmecoffee - on depression and getting help.  It is hard to imagine that depression can have such a crippling effect on one's life, but it's important to recognize that it does exist, and one can get help and fight it. 

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) -- Officials are investigating the death of Oscar-winning actor Robin Williams. Williams was 63. The Marin County Sheriff's Office said that Williams was found unconscious Monday afternoon at about 12:00 p.m. inside his residence in unincorporated Tiburon in Marin County, north of San Francisco. Officials suspect the death to be a suicide…
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very bad not sad !! why?
..acting is extreme hard job
not as for example doctors but
not for shy people
dont close your eyes before
the fackt (like many before him)
he was drog addicted and alcoholic
but as actor he was unique
as one LAPD officer after oscar party
said:movies,drugs and alcohol.
but now doesnt matter
like his movie called: JUST LIKE DREAM
he s in movieheaven next
brittany murphy,tony scott,
or paul walker(all died tragicaly)
like me with ROBBIE WILLIAMS ,he's
alive and .. clean)
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Jeff Matsuya

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Deliberately blurred

Had the chance to see the Edogawa fireworks last Saturday with some friends from work - the weather was ever so much more accommodating compared to the Adachi fireworks 2 weeks ago!

Since I've already taken lots of "normal" fireworks photos, I thought I'd play around with focus blur, just for fun.  It was my first time, and a little harder than I thought since it's hard to focus manually in the dark!  Still, I enjoyed it - though I think overall I still prefer "normal" fireworks since it's less hit-and-miss, especially in regards to composition (most of those shots are greatly cropped)

I'll post the a few "normal" shots later as well, but for now, goodnight from Tokyo :)

#hanabi   #fireworks   #Edogawa   #Tokyo   #Japan  
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Really cool! To me some look like flowers, some like sea anenemes.
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Jeff Matsuya

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Controlled chaos

Fireworks (hanabi) season is starting in Japan now, so you will be seeing a bunch of fireworks photos uploaded by folks in Japan over the next couple of months :)

This was taken at the Adachi fireworks on Saturday - the event proceeded despite a downpour that had all of us totally drenched (we're a little more water-resistant than our cameras, so all rain protection went into keep our gear as dry as possible)

 Fortunately not much lightning, and the rains started to taper off just as the fireworks began.  Big thanks to +Agustin Rafael Reyes and DJ for finding this great spot and holding it, as well as +Giovanni Piliarvu and +Nithin Selva for the pleasure of their company.  

Off to work now, have a good day all!

#Japan   #cooljapan   #100tokyo   #adachifireworks   #fireworks   #Tokyo  
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Jeff Matsuya

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Lightning strikes more than once

Did anyone get caught in today's thunderstorm?  I went out for a jog this afternoon, and literally 30 seconds after I got back home, it started pouring buckets.  Then... the power went out.  It was only out for about a minute, but was the first time that I've experienced a power outage in Tokyo!  

I then decided to grab my camera and try to capture some lightning shots.  Unfortunately, the view from my window is not really ideal since I'm level with the power lines.. :(
But still, it's the first time I've captured lightning shots, and it was fun.  Nature's scary, but also awesome :)

#Japan   #Tokyo   #lightning   #cooljapan   #thunderstorm  
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سبحان الله
 ·  Translate
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Jeff Matsuya

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St. Vitus Rising

St. Vitus' Cathedral certainly stands out, and is even more impressive up close.  I have another shot of it that I'll post later to give a sense of scale.

For now though, gotta rush to work.  Have a good day! :)

#prague   #czechrepublic   #stvituscathedral   #europe  
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I'm already back home now +petr vanek , bt thanks!  :)
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