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Have fun (only until tomorrow apparently), and happy April Fool's!  :)

#pokemon   #google   #aprilfoolsday  
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You can still travel the world +Brian Kemper !  Just... take photos instead of capturing pokemon ;)
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Up, up, and away!

Caught the elusive +Trey Ratcliff just before takeoff in Asakusa today :-D

#100Tokyo #CoolJapan 
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Thanks +Angela Lobefaro +Susan Zentay :)
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A quiet moment captured during today's #100Tokyo / #cooljapan photowalk

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Thank you +R Ravikumar 
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+1 for charity

I know I've posted this image previously - early last year in fact.  However, I've decided to submit it for the +Plus One Collection  project as well :)

You can get involved too!  More information regarding this project can be found here:

The theme this year is "Our World", in the categories "Our Planet", "Our People", and "Our Creations".  This time, the charity being supported is the Samburu Project, which aims to provide clean, safe drinking water in Kenya.

So chip in any way you can!  Submit your images, get the book (or e-book) when it comes out (it's always a fantastic collection of images), or just spread the word.  

Good night from Tokyo!  :)

#PlusOneCollectionIII   #Japan   #Tokyo   #MeijiJingu   #Wedding  
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Jeff Matsuya

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Tokyo is once again experiencing some unprecedented snowfall today, and it's expected to carry on at least overnight.  Snow is still relatively exciting for me to see, and (as long as I'm appropriately dressed) I rather enjoy stomping through the drifts.  :)

It was already snowing briskly when I left home around 6AM this morning, and these shots are just a few images I took on the way home early this evening.  I knew I didn't want to lug the D800e around with me (snow + wind + umbrella + work bag does not make for a stable environment, which is a requirement for that camera), but I dug out my old X10 and had a bit of fun shooting on my way home.

Nothing too fancy, just scenes of today's snowstorm around Jiyugaoka :)

#Tokyo   #Japan   #Snow   #Snowpocalypse   #Winter  
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My body hurts of all that wet snow I had to shovel this morning...
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Been in a bit of a creative rut photography-wise lately, so I've been trying to shoot a little differently.  These aren't my usual nature, or street, or even macro images that I typically post.  But in a way they're also all of those.  These were all taken on the street, just focusing on specific portions of things (so in a sense, a "macro" of a building) ;)

And, you could say that they're part of the "nature" that is in Tokyo.  Most people may not care for these types of shots, but I did get some satisfaction from shooting them, and hope that a few others may as well.  :)

#Japan   #100Tokyo   #abstract  
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There's one every month, usually at the end of the month, so hopefully you can make it!
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Spiritual Cleansing

A small group wafting incense over themselves in #Asakusa for purification.

#100Tokyo #CoolJapan 
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Fun with incense

These young ladies looked like they were having fun while wafting incense around :-)

#100Tokyo #CoolJapan #Asakusa
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+R Ravikumar Thanks!
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Tokyo Marathon

Tomorrow's the day of the 2014 Tokyo Marathon... and I'm participating!  The problem is - I've barely practiced...

I started practicing in the months of October and November, but when the cold weather started, I retreated into hibernation mode.  :P

So we'll see how it goes tomorrow.  I'm sure I can complete stamina-wise - I'm just not certain if I can make it within the allotted cutoff points  (>_<)

Below are shots I took during last year's marathon - if you get a chance to check out the streets of Tokyo tomorrow, you might see similar characters running by (including me lagging behind waaay in the back).

I'm off to bed - need as much rest as possible.  Good night from Tokyo!

#Tokyo #Marathon #TokyoMarathon2013 #Japan
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Thanks +Tish Winton !  :)
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Jeff Matsuya

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Snow monks

This photo was actually taken last week , during the big snowstorm that buffeted Tokyo.  If I recall what the news said - the most snow to hit Tokyo in almost half a century?  

Regardless, I ventured out to the same location I went to last year - Meiji Jingu shrine, and shot around a little, joined later by +adithya anand and +Aaron Tang .  

I hope to upload the rest of my images later (still struggling with website configuration as I mentioned forever ago), but thought it would be appropriate to post this today since we're experiencing another round of heavy snow in Tokyo this morning.

Stay warm, stay safe, and TGIF all.

#Tokyo   #Japan   #Snow   #meijijingū   #monks  
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That Chinese guy - so rich!
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Have him in circles
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Togo - Indonesia - Japan
Book addict, Japan-based photographer
I'm a book addict (particularly sci-fi and fantasy!), infrequent runner, and computer geek.  Been in Japan 10 years and counting now, but don't have the language skills to prove that since I'm too chicken to practice what I learn.  (the fact that I'm half-Japanese makes it all the more embarrassing)

I started photography as a hobby when I picked up a D90 in August of 2010 and have been shooting on and off ever since.  To those that stumble across my images, I hope to be able to share the various facets of the life and landscapes (both man-made and natural) of Japan :)

All my images fall under the creative commons license - feel free to download and share the image(s) as long as it is for personal use (and they are properly attributed).  

For commercial use, please contact me to work something out (note that I would likely grant free use of my images for charitable/NPO use as well, but I DO ask that permission be obtained first).

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