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Jeff Marraccini
Works at Altair Engineering, Inc.
Attended Oakland University, Rochester, MI
Lives in Southeastern Michigan
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Jeff Marraccini

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Very insightful as I have come to always enjoy from Dr. Brin.  Thank you for posting this, Cheryl!  I will spread the word.
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Happy Diwali! I am enjoying the lights and fireworks here!
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Lovely welcome to india
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Jeff Marraccini

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I needed a break from tussling with giant storage subsystems, cranky software, and tons of e-mail/instant messages. So, what did I do? I sat on my balcony and played the first three puzzles of The 7th Guest on a classic computer :-)  Wow, that brought back a lot of fond memories, and it was good to see that my Roland SCC-1 still works! Have a super weekend, all!
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Jeff Marraccini

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Happy Mother's Day to all Moms! Best wishes for a great day!!
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Jeff Marraccini

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This seems to be very promising.  I really hope it works out.  Alzheimer's disease is terrible to cope with.
RI-OR2-TAT ( a peptide inhibitor) reduces the β-amyloid plaque load and levels of Aβ soluble oligomers in the brains of transgenic mice. Representative
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Jeff Marraccini

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I highly recommend this (just a customer/user, no other relationship to SwiftKey).  It has hugely improved my speed and accuracy while "typing" on glass :)
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One can dream right? :-)
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Have a safe and enjoyable New Year's holiday.  Best wishes in 2014 and travel safe!
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It's +Larry Kellogg's birthday ;)
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Best wishes to you all in 2014, and have a safe holiday season!
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Merry Christmas Jeff

Best Regards
Kirk Fontaine
NASM-Certified Personal Trainer

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Jeff Marraccini

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See, not only people behave differently under pressure :-)
Extreme pressure has "a completely different atomic table," vital to understanding space.
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Amazing stuff.
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Jeff Marraccini

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Most impressive work!  It has some serious ergonomic issues, but looks cool!
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Jeff Marraccini

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I'm slowly getting back to normal, Dad's traffic accident lawsuit is resolved and the work backlog is smoothing out. It is great to work with a superb team of people - thank you. Have a super weekend!
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Sorry to hear you've had a rough time of it as of late. Here's hoping this new year will be much better for you and yours.
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Have him in circles
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Vice President, Computer Systems
  • Altair Engineering, Inc.
    Vice President, Computer Systems, 1997 - present
  • Oakland University
    Network Resource Manager
  • Electronic Data Systems (EDS)
  • Nucleus Software (self-employed)
  • Computer Information Devices
  • Source Telecomputing Corporation (later acquired by CompuServe)
  • Three Sigma, Inc.
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Southeastern Michigan
Southeastern Michigan
Technologist, helping people communicate using tools THEY prefer to use
Work:  Managing a group that maintains cluster computing (engineering simulations, virtual car crashes, etc.), world wide networking (Juniper SSL VPN, Juniper SRX, Barracuda NG VPN, IPv4 -> IPv6 deployments), virtualization, wireless networks (AeroHive), WAN optimization (Silver Peak)

Personal:  Avid Science Fiction reader and participate heavily in classic computing (I regularly help people recover data from Apple ][, ///, old pre-OS X Macs, CP/M, DEC VAX and PDP systems, etc.)  Please let me know if I may help you with this.

Member of The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), The Planetary Society
  • Oakland University, Rochester, MI
  • Clarkston High School, Clarkston, MI
  • Sashabaw Junior High School, Clarkston, MI
  • North Sashabaw Elementary, Clarkston, MI
  • South Sashabaw Elementary, Clarkston, MI
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Darcy, Michael, Thank you for your kindness and great help with my new car purchase. You both made the experience extremely enjoyable! Best wishes, Jeff
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