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Delighted to end my longest webcasting hiatus since 2005.

Dave, Jen, & I catch up, reveal the uninsurable risks of webcasting, discuss the state of the Rhizomesphere, embracing the messy magic, and share a mini-linkdump.

Links Mentioned:
Jen's In-World Nasa Challenge
Keynoter Dave Dave's Mendeley
Chicago Foundation for Education
The Power of Introverts
Google's Education On Air (May 2)
home | eduonair
Recuva deleted photos
Pix from Jeff's New Camera
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Yeah! I'll have something to listen to on my run to school tomorrow morning.
Gee. Maybe time for me to dip back in too :)
Thanks +Jeff Lebow, am always interested in learning more about what others are researching with regard to topics related to applied linguistics, with a special interest in professional learning.
A breath of fresh air. And I do like "don't be dumb on the internet".
+Benjamin Stewart and +dave cormier I dusted off my Mendeley ID and downloaded the latest version. I really love Zotero (and used it for several years leading up to and during my dissertation), but I can see reasons why I will like using both. After a morning with Mendeley, I think Zotero has the edge regarding on-the-fly citation "gathering" (i.e. on a journal page or Google Scholar and with a click of a button quickly "gather" the reference in the database). That said, Mendeley appears a good option to help me find similar research / papers.
+Jennifer Maddrell, I haven't compared the two recently, but I seem to remember switching from Zotero to Mendeley because the latter offered more web space (for syncing); it seemed that the desktop version, browser add-ons, and Microsoft Word plugin just made everything more seamless, especially when alternating between work and home computers. But I would imagine that either would meet the researcher's needs just fine.
For anyone who might be interested, I currently have 414 references in my +Mendeley library of which 138 are PDFs (mostly journal articles) with a few Word and Excel files sprinkled in for good measure, and I'm using only 145 of the 500 MB personal web space available not to mention the 500 MB of shared web space that I have yet to use. This gives you an idea of the amount of space they provide for free.
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