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Jeff LaPointe
Hyperthymesia sucks!
Hyperthymesia sucks!

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Please get involved.

Hey +Wil Wheaton​, I recently began using hardware that anonymizes my connection to our alleged information backbone and am amazed at how different my search results are on all the famous search engine utilities.

Maybe you can use your bully pulpit to spread the news of just how far the censorship actually spreads.

If you need help setting something up to anonymize your connection I can help. I am appalled at how restricted I found myself to actually be. Glad I'm not there any more.

+Larry Page​ and +Sergey Brin​ should be ashamed of themselves.

I have begun utilizing hardware that anonymizes my connection to the horribly restricted internet. When I preform a search on Google in Google Chrome on a regular internet connection and then do the very same thing on my newly anonymized connectiin, the search results are so noticibly different.

Google? Please don't become part of the problem. It's not too late for you. If you need help I will provide you anonymity myself. When revolution hits, if you're found to be assisting the gov't in its disinformation, there will be little mercy for you, and I like you and would hate to see that happen.

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The 46 American Senators we should impeach.

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Free #CamScanner Pro! version for life. Simply click this link, follow the instructions and thats it! Real offer.

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