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The more I use properly designed, guidelines compliant apps on my Galaxy Nexus, the less tolerant I become for slapdash or iPhone ported apps. Google's new design language for Android apps is beautiful and distinctive, and apps that use it are starting to stand out. #actionbar4ever
Unfortunately, these are just mockups. But this is what Android apps should look like these days. It's possible for an app to look and feel like a true Android app (versus an iPhone port or cobble...
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I'm a holo supremacist, myself. If I download an app and discover a patchwork iOS job lurking within, right smack in the uninstall bin it goes. Tolerance is granteed to those apps that simply have yet to update to 4.0 guidelines from the old school 2.3 look.
What ROM are you running on your SGN these days? I notice you've got all five soft buttons on display there.
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