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My Galaxy Nexus is my "primary" computer, the PC I reach for before all others. Anyone else find their default PCis a phone?
Long time readers will recognize this has been a goal of mine for many years. It finally dawned on me recently that it finally happened. My default device for most of my computing tasks is now my Andr...
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That's one of the conquences my article didn't address. If you only have enough money for one computing device, a smartphone seems like a slam dunk over a laptop.
I agree with you +Jeff Kirvin. I find myself using my Galaxy Nexus for almost everything at the first, flights, emails, etc
+Jeff Kirvin Question that I have is how do you handle doing research while you write? I have to do that a lot for my news articles and often have 15-20 tabs open at a time. The Captivate is just too slow for this and I assume that is not just the hardware as +Andy Ihnatko states he has two iPads set up for when he works in the field.
I am using Dolphin HD and liking it a lot. Every browser I have tried seems a bit slow. Android is not as fast as web OS, so I am a bit spoiled in that respect. OTOH, I have real apps and not work arounds.
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