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Phone as expensive notebook.
Since getting my phone, one of the big things I like is that I can quickly take down notes. If I spent $8 on contra dance admission, I used to have to remember until I got home and could add it to th...
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What software do you use to take notes? I've tried both AK Notepad and Google Docs (both on Android), and they both have strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes I find that just emailing myself is the most useful way to do it.
I use Catch; it was in the most downloaded section of the free apps. I have a homescreen widget for quick entry, and then it shows up in their webapp on my laptop too. I just use it for text and delete things when I'm done with them. It's a bit like a todo list for when I'm at my computer.
I seem to have trouble hitting critical mass whenever I try to implement a to-do or note list. That is, I'll write a few things down at first, but won't have enough things to write down to remember to check it frequently enough to make it useful, so I'll quickly abandon it. This has happened to me probably a dozen times with various devices, including my relatively new iPhone. It seems like an odd thing to fail at, but I think that's what I'm doing.
+Todd Nelling That's happened to me in the past. What was critical with this is that I always had the phone with me, so I found myself putting things into it at least daily.
I've heard good things about Evernote, but haven't really used it yet.
+Josh Smift Evernote seems aimed at something more complicated than I want: long term storage and lookup. I already have things for that, so I'm happy just to be able to keep really only fifteenish notes at a time, adding and deleting as I work through them.
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