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Digital Marketing Professional, Innovation Expert
Digital Marketing Professional, Innovation Expert

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Jon and I brainstormed a bunch of product ideas over the last few years.  This is one from 2011.

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Date: Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 5:15 AM
Subject: Another Idea
To: Jeff Katz 

This is probably already taken:  Elizabeth was asking about a yarmulke she thought she saw when looking for ones for the wedding which has flap or something underneath which allows one to clip the yarmulke on without the clip showing.  She might have accidently come up with a good idea, since I can't find where she saw that, or any indication it already exists. Although, I think she must've seen it somewhere, so I'll take another look...

Although, even assuming this doesn't exist, it has an extremely limited audience.  It's limited (mostly)to male orthodox jews with hair (small amount), who don't wear a yarmulke which doesn't require clips (a large percentage of them), who care whether the clip is showing, and aren't satisfied with hair colored bobby pins.  I'm pretty sure this isn't even worth anymore time checking to see if it already exists, but the one nice thing about it is that it would be rather easy to produce and market.  But I'm not sure we could make any sort of significant profit on it (or even cover patenting costs.)

Also, just to clarify, like I said, I want to focus on the bike stuff for now, but it doesn't mean to not keep the other ideas flowing...

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Wireless charge stations from Wi-Charge.  +Jeffrey Greenman  and I looked at this 5+ years ago.

Apple Inc., Google, or any cell phone maker would probably buy this technology to get a leg up on the competition.

The tough part will be building out the network of wireless charge stations though you could probably get enough distribution through 1 major partnership with a company like +Starbucks Coffee .

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Israeli Researcher Discovers Cell-Destroying #ARTSProtein That May Help Eradicate #Cancer  via @nocamels#TechNation

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Can you guess what Corn Flakes was originally intended to be? via @HuffPostBiz#Inventions #Innovation #Disrupt

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I can relate to most of this (but not all). #entrepreneur

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Brilliant!  @BarRefaeli Sex Tape campaign on @kickstarter by @funnyordie#Punkd #Fakeout

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Just crazy. At 13, this kid has already developed and launched his own app.

#teenagers   #apps   #itunes  

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Remember the movie, #inception?
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