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Jeff Kart
Environmental writing and editing, consultant, Great Lakes editor, writer, blogger, dad
Environmental writing and editing, consultant, Great Lakes editor, writer, blogger, dad

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April 15 is the deadline for public comments on +International Joint Commission - IJC Triennial Assessment of Progress Report and the Progress Report of the Parties.

Great Lakes Connection monthly newsletter 

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Interesting post: "Climate change is expected to impact locations across the globe, including the Great Lakes. Experts say warmer temperatures, more severe spring storms and reduced ice cover will make it easier for harmful algal blooms to grow and remain in lake waters. What’s more, it seems that winter isn’t putting a brake on algal growth in Lake Erie – just changing the type of algae."
The December 2016 issue of our monthly newsletter, Great Lakes Connection, focuses on climate change impacts and adaptation in the basin:


New Plan 2014 Protects People, Environment and Economy on Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River

The State of Climate Change Science in the Great Lakes Basin

- Upcoming January webinar on Climate Change and Adaptation #ParticipateIJC

How Climate Change Could Impact Great Lakes Algal Blooms and Ice Cover

Improvements Proposed to Measure Great Lakes Health

Adaptive Management in Action

Great Lakes Cities Prepare for a Changing Climate

Helping Fish in St. Marys Rapids with the Push of a Button

Dig This: Soil Can Help Heal Our Great Lakes Climate

The Latest in the Fight Against Endocrine Disruptors

Canadian Members of Parliament Focus on Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River

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Mr. Great Lakes is heard on +Delta College +NPR, covering environmental news about Saginaw Bay, Lake Huron and Michigan

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The latest +International Joint Commission - IJC quarterly newsletter - Water Matters - on Sockeye Salmon in the Okanagan, the Experimental Lakes Area in Ontario, Managing Rainy-Namakan water levels, Lake Champlain flood studies, Board progress reports and the International Watersheds Initiative (IWI). November 2016 edition

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October 2016 edition of Great Lakes Connection monthly newsletter from +International Joint Commission - IJC - A Focus on Drinking Water, with contributions from Conservation Ontario, +University of Waterloo -

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+International Joint Commission - IJC Great Lakes Connection on public input opportunities 

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Two new Great Lakes Watermarks - +International Joint Commission - IJC  partnering with +Lake Ontario Waterkeeper to collect and publish a special Great Lakes Watermark collection: video, audio and written stories of personal, emotional and cultural connections to the lakes, and ways people use and value these precious bodies of water.
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