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I drink no wine before it's open.
I drink no wine before it's open.
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Here's a 360-degree capture of the 2017 Laguna Beach Fourth of July Fireworks at Heisler Park. The show is put on by Pyro Spectaculars and is one of only a few hand-fired shows still operating.

Jump to the FINALE:

Camera: Samsung Gear 360 (new)
Positioned 15' above ground zero
Shot at 4K resolution 4096 x 2048, 24 fps

Obviously, the Gear 360 isn't the greatest in low-light situations, but I think it did a decent job.

#pyrospectaculars #lagunabeach #heislerpark #fireworks #fourthofjuly #july4th #360 #360camera #samsunggear360

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Now, that's some crazy shit! Poor guy @ 0:40

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FINALLY upgraded to Windows 10.0 !!! .... Aww crap, I misplaced the decimal point!

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You've got to be kidding me! I wish I had thought of this.

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A [very] close look behind the scenes at the Laguna Beach 2016 Fourth of July Fireworks show. NOTE: this is the entire show - all 22 mins of it.

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This years show was a little smaller than 2015, but it still was a blast. This is a video of the finale that one of the pyro apprentices took from his vantage point.

The video begins with the last portion of the main show with 4 and 5-inch shells.

@ 0:30 two boxes of 25 2-inch shells are fired off in sequence. These reach about 200' in the air. These "cakes" are positioned about 15' away from Jason videotaping this finale.

@ 1:15 Jason uses a brief expletive in his frustration in trying to get the road flare to light, but @ 1:25 sparks prevail and he hand lights the first set of 30 3-inch shells which are launched 300' in the air. Jason is basically 10' way from this rack!

@ 1:45 Jason has the opportunity to witness the first group of 35 3-inch shells fired off just 15' away from his position. You'll notice he re-positions the camera to give you his perspective. To the right of the screen, you might notice a second group of 25 3-inch shells being launched. A slight pause and then @ 2:00 the third group of 3-inch shells are lit. I think we had about 180 total 3-inchers. These each go up about 300' in the air.

@ 2:25 the fun begins. These are 4-inch shells reaching roughly 400'. Remember, Jason is only about 25' away from this all. You can hear him chuckle a few times during this 4-inch party. These are quite impressive up close as the flaming debris often reaches the ground. The finale did not go exactly as planned as you'll see some breaks in the firing. We are investigating why this happened.

@ 3:18 finally the 5-inch shells are launched at about 500'. Since these are another 100' away it's hard to tell from this perspective that they are any more powerful than the 4-inchers, however, from the audience's perspective they appear larger.

I hope everyone enjoyed the show and thank you Jason for handling that special portion of our fireworks show!

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There is a planned development near the intersection of Bell Canyon Road and Overland Drive in West Hills, California. The proposed development would include about 46 homes located directly adjacent from Appaloosa Lane in Bell Canyon. The road to this development will exit onto Bell Canyon Road cut right behind the homes on Overland Drive.

The LA County Subdivision Committee Report states that the development will necessitate the cut/fill of approximately 4 million cubic yards of soil and another 42,000 cubic yards of export soil. In this high fire danger zone, this construction will lead to traffic congestion, dust, and destruction of a very sensitive ecological zone.

The area has been designated as a Significant Ecological Area by the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy and we believe it should remain untouched. The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy has successfully fought this development for the past 15 years and your help in signing this petition will show support for the Conservancy’s efforts to prevent the destruction of this area.

Please sign this petition:

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Great outcome! Glad to be involved! Thanks to all
Operation ThanksGreening

I created Operation ThanksGreening to remind people to be thankful for our teammates and to understand that without them, this game is not worth playing.

So agents from Mexico, Arizona, and Southern California all came together as a team and created magnificent fields! 12 huge fields from Havasu, Bahia, and Arguello  which averaged 11.5 mu each for a total of 139,064,906 mu’s! We were very fortunate, two of our fields made the evening check point!

We had many hiccups and surprises along the way. One being, that when we planned this field, we didn’t anticipate having another Enlightened SoCal group throwing a field of their own. I coordinated with them to make both our fields a go, timing wise so we wouldn’t interfere with theirs. This just added to the glorious green skies on this beautiful Saturday! They successfully fielded from Catalina, TJ, and Brawley with 33 fields totalling 62,027,197 mu’s. If you’d like to read about their field, check out

Secondly, we had the normal surprise blockers, zero cell portals, and hangout lag issues, just as any operation wouldn’t be complete without! Our smashers stood by their targets waiting patiently while operators did everything they could to find more agents on the ground to help out. Once we realized we were not going to make the afternoon check point as planned, we delayed the field.  One of our operators jumped in the car for a 2 hour drive to an area that had no cell reception. She had bought a new phone just to get those last blockers clear, talk about team dedication!

With SDR agents running thru Baja, we knew they were up to no good, so we threw our western link to close them off and protect our lane. Once all agents were able to start the clearing process, the fields began.

Resistance were hot on the tails of our Havasu agents but they didn't let that get them down! We battled them at the last Havasu anchor so that two of the fields would make checkpoint! Talk about a rush!

Two agents managed to get their onyx illuminator badge! Congratulations @cptcrzypnts @llllIIIIllllIII!

All in all, Enlightened proved strong and determined and came out successful.

A great big thank you to all the agents involved in this op. For spending time with our ingress family this holiday weekend allowed us to make this operation successful. GREAT WORK AGENTS!

A detailed thanks goes to:




@0x90 NOP

Key Muler/Farmer

+Joe Philley  +John Hanke +Niantic +Ingress +Ingress Enlightened USA +Susanna Moyer

#Sitrep #NIAOps #Vanguard #IngressYearThree #Enlightened #Socal #OperationPomegranate #Baja #OperationThanksGreening  
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