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Troll? That monster you are visualizing is a real person too.

If we think of the digital realm as not our real life, it's no wonder that we can swiftly dehumanize each other in our interactions. Have you ever done that? I sure have.

More on understanding this disjointed view of reality many of us still harbor from Alexandra Samuel in the TED Talk below. She argues that once we embrace our online lives as part of our real lives we will unlock the potential of the internet.

+Alexandra Samuel: Ten Reasons to Stop Apologizing for your Online Life ::
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The only real drawback I've found to the internet is ... try as I might ... I cannot really be "me".
For some reason, smacking my monitor up the side of it's screen does not make the idiot on the other side of the screen shut up :(

+Lyndon NA That feedback loop doesn't work quite the same way as it does in meatspace. :)
Which is a real shame ... as the net would likely be a much better place :D
+Jeff Jockisch Just to be orthogonal (;')), as usuelle, I'm not sure choosing THIS picture is exactly going to be the one that is going to make this posting "sticky." (I loved that post a while back, by the way (about making great posts).) The pic the author picked (two girls sharing tongues) might work better??? ...I wonder why? ;') (Also being whimsical.) Trust me, if someone has this kind of picture (skeletons, etc.), I just do not let them in my world. I am scared of, well, all things scary.) I think +Alexandra Samuel was spot on in this (and I posted this link myself), except that I have been doing this full time for ten years (online discussions) and I ALWAYS think about the person on the other end. If they choose to represent themselves by death? I pay attention. It's a big, scary world out there!!!!!!
+Meg Tufano re: 'I always think about the person on the other end. '

That's one of the things I like so much about you. :)
+Jeff Jockisch Thank you so much! At least I haven't wasted ten years of my life living in the future!!!!! ;') I really have and at first it really was the feeling you were in a strange, strange, land; and I just want to repeat (+Gregory Esau is sick of me saying this by now) but I LOVE THE FUTURE! Thanks again!
I'll never get sick of you saying that, +Meg Tufano !!

To address the post, and +Alexandra Samuel 's point:
"She argues that once we embrace our online lives as part of our real lives we will unlock the potential of the internet."

Bingo. I'll go one further, we can not just mesh the cyber-meat duality (much the same we've moved past the old mind-body split), and unlock the potential of the internet, we can unlock the potential in us, and more importantly, unlock the potential of humanity. That is where we're going with this.
This isn't just a huge tectonic paradigm shift in technology, this is a tectonic paradigm shift in humanity.
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