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Any Path users out there?

Im interested to know if this Consistency of Tone concept resonates with you.
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i heard really good things about it, but no one I know really uses it. Uninstalled it after about an hour.
Consistency of Tone, perhaps, but I have no interest in the mundane life experiences of others, even close friends. I'll keep my links to shared information, thanks.
If I remember correctly? I jumped off shortly after the user data was found hacked, or being uploaded insecurely?

   Refresh my memory? Too many Apps dancing in my head : - ) 
Thanks for the link +Jeff Jockisch .
Path: Tried it and dropped it. To me too empty. I agree with the article that consistency of tone is important. So is critical mass. Maybe mainstream social networks will achieve that by having tracks (circle streams are an attempt at that).
Guess Im going to have to download and try it. Mostly interested in the design concepts but the value prop is intriguing to me but perhaps not a great fit.
I think that you are right about that, +Dieter Mueller.

The other dynamic of interest to me is how frictionless sharing works well in Path based on the smaller more curated network.  Its lifecasting of a sort, but it doesn't overstep as Facebook does.
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