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75 Non-Ghosts

I haven't done a circle share recently to let you know who I'm interacting with a lot.  This is half of my top 150 most relevant.  I couldn't stop at 50 or 100 -- too many good people here :)  

Look for the other half of the 150 most relevant share as *75 Non-Idiots*
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Thanks for the inclusion +Jeff Jockisch!  I always enjoy talking AgentRank and Breaking Bad with you!
Awwww how LOVELY that you have ME in there too Sir!! Thank you!! I'm touched & honored to be included with such wonderful people! (((HUGS)))
What's cool is I know I have to "bring it" to make it into this illustrious circle! 
A veritable who's who of high quality G+ peeps!
Wow, this is rare, as I know you're not a big circle-sharing guy, +Jeff Jockisch. So when you do, I know it's special. Thanks so much for the inclusion with this great crew. Just to clarify, we shouldn't attach too much significance to being in this one and not the non-idiot circle...right?? ;-) 
Thanks and Lol, +Gideon Rosenblatt. I split the 2 groups by essential grabbing every other person from my top 150.  So absolutely no diff between non-Ghost and non-Idiot as far as relevancy!
Ha! So we're all non-idiotic, non-ghosts, +Jeff Jockisch. That will be my costume for Halloween this year. ;-) Thanks again. 
#PHEW  I'm SO glad to hear that +Jeff Jockisch & +Gideon Rosenblatt I was over here sweatin bullets trying to figure out why I was a non-ghost but not a non-idiotic. I feel soo much better now. Thank you! (((HUGS)))
Thanks +Jeff Jockisch for the share.  Just added both circles and am looking forward to meeting the 60 or so that I did not have.
Whew! Nice to know the idiocy is ghosting. LOL
Ah, here I am. A certified non-ghost, but no stamp that I´m not an idiot unfortunately ;)
I've got some spare you can have +Max Huijgen
(All self made certificates of non-idiocy - but good none-the-less :D)
self-certifying idiots, hmm sounds like an internet trade in university diplomas +Lyndon NA 
What a lovely surprise on (yet another) dull rainy day here in Ireland. Thanks so much for including me, I’m truly honoured to be in the great non-ghostly company here. Oh and thanks for clarifying that we are not the idiots :-D
I must say, I do like the Non-Ghost designation, despite the fact that I've had a few heavy weeks and haven't been posting/commenting as much as I normally do. ;-)
+Jeff Jockisch Thanks for the inclusion in the non-ghosts circle.  I won't comment on the exclusion from non-idiots. :)
Hilarious that some seem bummed to not be on both lists, +Euro Maestro :)  Though personally I love both labels, I thought some might not get the humor in being labelled a Non-Idiot!

Truth is it was a random split and I just came up with the names.  Everyone here is both a non-Ghost and and a Non-Idiot in my book.  :O
+Jeff Jockisch You really shouldn't have unveiled the mystery.  I like the ideo of people pondering why they were classified as either a non-idiot or a non-ghost. :)
Upon my soul! A list of relevant and engaging folk materializes upon my monitor with eerie realism from the aether. This deserves a toast. Now, the question is which spirit? The Oban or the Glenlivet? Cheers +Jeff Jockisch. Actually, given +Eileen O'Duffy's presence, maybe the Jameson. 
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