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Identity and Reputation Circle

Without Google+, you have less digital reputation...

If you are not posting your stuff and building your network on Google+, you are failing. You can argue about the righteousness of that, but you can no longer deny it.
Moz originally shared:
Check out +Rand Fishkin in the latest edition of Whiteboard+ - Why Every Marketer Now Needs to Employ a Google+ Strategy
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Google is essentially asking for broad user participation in ranking search content. Makes the search results a bit more genuine than some abstract SEO formula. The organic search manipulators are now freaking out. =)
+Gary Tivey They certainly are freaking! I think Google wanted to give them a wake-up call.

Social will end up game-able, or at least optimize-able. But smaller players have a better chance, for now.
I'm clearly moving in the wrong circles.
I, and several others, at the very start of G+ and +1 stated what was coming.

No one seemed to acknowledge it.
A few even doubted it.

Months later, when it's flamming obvious ... some "known" comes along, and gets hailed for it?


If you want the heads up - go to places like Google Webmaster forums.
Spend some time there.
You'll not only see trends as they occur, you'll see some real blood and guts seo going on... and see how G is moving.
Chances are, you'll see it before someone like Fishkin makes a vid about it too :D
(And no - the TCs don't get phone calls from G giving them the heads up - they have to work it out for themselves :D)
Why jump in at the start, when you can wait till the trains literally about to hit you?
"And no - the TCs don't get phone calls from G giving them the heads up - they have to work it out for themselves"

+Lyndon NA So I got a call from Matt Cutts the other day about the future of social search...

Seriously though... as an EX-TC, you know not only what a battleground the Webmaster Central forum can be at times, but also how much of a gauge it is for what's happening at the sharp end of search. It always makes me chuckle when I get called a fool for providing free tech-support for a Multi-Billion Dollar company.

Aside from the fact that I help people, not Google, the thing nobody seems to understand that the time I spend there really does give me the ability to spot things as they happen. One only needs to root through the archives from a few months back to chart the evolution of this grand revelation...
Think I might start plussing about this stuff as and when it happens in future...
I worry a lot about the same folks who have been trying to game organic SEO bringing their tactics into the social sphere. How long until the first content farm posters start polluting our G+ stream ?
You've been able to buy +s for months.
You've been able to buy Tweets, FB Followers etc. for over a year too.
You've been able to request/bribe blog follwoers for even longer.

As for G+ - they've been making fake accounts, advert pushers, shoddy linkers etc. for months as well.

The shonky tactics into social media have already been established.
The only thing left to see is the "rise" of such things.
+Jeffrey J Davis Valid question.

But we will have a lot of combined intelligence on our side, as Google+ might in some ways be thought of as a giant crowd-sourced spam filter.

How many spammers have you seen on G+? And more importantly, how long did they last? :)
I have to say, +Jeff Jockisch . You're doing a valuable service here of really building the backbone of a strong, G+ community.
+Lyndon NA Will be interesting to see if these tactics can really pay off. I think you can only fake it so far.

Maybe you can buy a bit of credibility, but then you have to back it up, or its valueless...
+Gregory Esau Thanks :) I'm really just trying to bring people together so that we can get better insight into our shared future.
I think that's a great question as well, +Jeffrey J Davis .
This is why I am such a big believer in community within the social networked world.
If we think of the parallels between the physical world and the world evolving in cyber space, community associations, particularly in the earlier evolving days of 20th century society, people formed all types of clubs, associations, etc to both counteract the massive scaling of society away from the traditions of community, but also to form reputation networks, to do business, to get things done, to give back to community.
This was one of the key premises of Robert Puttman's "Bowling Alone". Our 'social capital', which is tied to trust, reputation and association, was greatly fraying in America and elsewhere.

We here on G+ can and are reformulating these kind of associations, that can be the backbone again of a society that buffers itself against the negative forces that arise when society scales.
Strong community built on reputation and group identity can be a major buffer against those that will invariably scam and game the system.

Especially now, having seen how Google's new system works, via +Rand Fishkin 's video (a brilliant example of community in itself), the more we create these communities of association, the more we can become the defining force of the positives of G+ and of the power within social networks in this 21st digital society.
Well, I found that to be more than a little ... well ... it was drivel.
Anyone whos not been in a coma, in the wilderness or on another planet should have spotted that lot, and likely more.

As for the Crowd-sourced spam ... yes/no.
Faking it with a select number of accounts, and a bit of planning should be doable ... barring the IP issue.
If you can get around the IP issue (and cookies etc.), then you are in the clear barring stupidity.

So long as you do it with a little sense, without spamming the daylights out of everyone, with a little courtesy, interaction and thought ... you could easily integrate yourself.
What you cannot do is "comment spam".
Those tactics will not work here.
It could also be used to help identify potential spam/low quality sites ... but I doubt if G will leap into action because it saw 6 accounts spamming G streams with shoddy posts, naff comments and links.
Exactly, +Jeff Jockisch !! We each have this inate shared sense of what that future might look like, and each put together the webs of building blocks that can build it. This is the beauty of this new world we are building, is it is both decentralized, and yet gives us each tremendous power to play a role in shaping that future!
+Lyndon NA Do you think that people can really get a large number of followers , real people that they can influence, by faking it?

I think I would rather spend my time trying to hack prominent accounts and post from them in voice :)
+Jeff Jockisch
Stop and think a moment.
What are a lot of Marketers/SEOs/Advertisers ... if not "fakers"?
And let us not forget our discussion the other day about Confidence.

I could easily setup several different profiles for different "parts" of my life.
I could do one for SEO/SEM,
I could do one for real world marketing,
I could do one for Martial Arts,
I could do one for Gaming,
I could do one for Cookery.

All those things I have pretty good knowledge/skill/experience with.
All I need is a little note file with personality notes, subjects to avoid ... and some themed typing style notes (like my "... ..." and ... usage) as well as some specific words.
That is actually enough to manage most humans.

You then pick and choose some targets;
those that have a high Circle rate,
those that have a high Share rate,
those that have a moderate number of followers that show an interest in that subject.

I, personally, could probably manage 6 or 7 such profiles by myself.
Put me with a team of 4 or 5, and you'd likely see in the region of 40-50 such profiles.
All interacting with their audience, all making valid posts and comments.

Through in a half decent NLP system that has been trained on post styles, with some rough frame worked posts/comments that fill in around previous info ... and I could happily quadrupple that figure, and have the people simply proof and amend.

And alternative is the "many donkeys" approach. You have a ton of people researching, pre-writing ... you simply rephrase and churn out posts and comments.
I've known people on forums and Q/A sites do that ... and it works.
No reason it won't work here.

They key is ... Quality and a bit of effort.
Fortunately, those are two concepts that most spammers don't seem to understand :D

You will see small scale farms working ... and you won't even know it.
+Lyndon NA I see where you are going. Certainly possible.

But the point I'm making is that all of these accounts really need good content and interaction to function... so, as you try to cheat the system, it is actually forcing you to make valueless contributions, to Cookery or whatever...

In the end, the following is based on the contribution :)
Okay ... I'm hoping this doesn't cause offence (I'm not intending to ...)

So .. here goes;
How many posts do you make each day?
How many posts do you make each week?
How many of your posts get interest?
How many get +'d?
How many get peopel commenting?
How many of those comments get +'d?

Now for the dodgy part ... how many of your posts are really "yours", and how many are shares of other peoples, or links to other sources of content?

I can automatically pick up interesting content from numerous topic focused sites.
I can easily spin a little intro text regarding that content ... and then post it on G+.

The only really hard part is finding the right targets.
But with al ittle hunting ... I can find those with the right behavioural patterns ... then shove a few things under their noses.
Nature will then take it's course.
They will +.
They will comment.
They will share.

Sure, it may not build up thousands and thousands ...
then again, look at the vast number of psychophantic lemmings that follow +Matt Cutts.
You don't really need that ... though it may help.
So you can look through some of those, and target them too.

So the real key is the research.
It's worth a days research to then have to only expend what, an Hour a day there after?

If there is one thing that us Humans can do ... It's social manipulation. It's in our nature (or many of us).
Throw in a bit of a systematic approach, a bit of data processing and some research/effort at the start ....
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