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Google is now a credentialed provider of Trusted Identities for the federal government.

NSTIC, Google & SEO : via +Search Engine Watch

The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace framework now has federally recognized and certified identity providers.

More info here: and here: In Google We Trust (Your Identity)
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Is this part of the reason Google has been such a hard ass on the whole nymwars deal?
Okay, I'm glad we have expertise here, as I'm quickly getting lost in all this.
Why is Google playing a role here?
+Gregory Esau NSTIC is sort of a fractured internet ID system where companies like Google will hold the real IDs, rather than the government. The fracturing is actually good, because you really don't want all of the identity proof in one location... But while this enables good things when web vendors can trust who you are, it also raises a lot of privacy questions.
+John Blackwell There are some scary aspects. But frankly I would rather it was Google than a lot of other entities, including the Government...
This is going to get more complicated fast, and from what I see, I don't like where it's going.
Maybe, +Jeff Jockisch . But I smell a connection between this and homeland security. I'm starting to see way more cons, and a very slim pile of pros.
Agreed, +Lyndon NA . The more I see and think about this, it's not good. Not even a little bit.
Interesting. I still am not in favor of any single company being a federated identity (identifier) provider. The whole idea behind federated identity is to let individuals have the option of minting and managing their own identifiers.
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