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Jeff Jessie
Android User. App reviewer and app consumer. Tech nerd with a love for everything.
Android User. App reviewer and app consumer. Tech nerd with a love for everything.

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Google's new Pixel smartphone is now available to the masses and after our first few days with the device, here are our early thoughts.

By +Keyan X
#Pixel #PixelXL #Google #Android

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Check out my friend +Keyan X and his video. Awesome stuff. 
A few friends of mine suggested I post this so go check out the Pixel vs the iPhone 7

Finally went through my circles and got rid of a majority of people in there. Either due to lack of communication between us or the fact that a previous shared interest is no longer a shared interest. Got my circles down to smaller numbers and going to get back into G+ and see if it can have some benefit to my social media plan for the future. 

Just purchased a Noodler's Ahab Zuni for my first flex pen. Cannot wait for it to get to me. Currently using a TWSBI Eco EF as well as a Monteverde Invincia 1.1 stub. Hoping for the flex to really give me some pop with my inks. Love the shimmertastic and Emerald of Chivor ink. 

Wow. So apparently Pebble doesn't do replacements anymore for the screen tear if it is outside of warranty. Thought they still did since they knew it was their own manufacturing error that causes it. Honestly disappointed as I have heard nothing but good things of them replacing OG pebbles for this issue in the past. Guess I'll be buying a new smart watch in the future. Oh well. 

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Finally had to break down and contact support today. Was really hoping I would survive without getting the screen tearing issue. Oh well, lasted for over a year without causing issues. Now I wait for a return email after sending in the pictures and stuff. At least the watch still works. 

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So I finished my Fauxdori TN. Went the easy route and just bought a 3 pack of Moleskine Cahiers plain pages and I can make them into what I want. Thanks to everyone for the help with links and advice. 
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Ok so I must be really dumb. I went to +Ray Blake​ website for Midori inserts. I am trying to figure out how to print the calendar pages but cannot figure it out. I tried front and back short edge. The dates don't line up. I tried booklet and its not looking right. Anyone with experience please help. I'm lost as ever trying to figure it out. 

So I went out and bought the materials for a Fauxdori TN. What are the best printable inserts that people have found. Mainly graph squared or dot grid. I have to cut them down to fit into the 8.5x11 size TN. Actually happy with how I made it. Pretty simple. 

Really hoping I get a Midori for my birthday coming up. Loving the BuJo method and I like the style of the midori. Any recommended sites I could push along to my friends? Hoping it's not too expensive for them. 
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