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Today, Gutenberg the Geek is free on Amazon. All I ask: pass it on here.
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It's not showing as free. Is the offer US only ?

Probably won't stop me from buying it, just curious.
Great Book Jeff, I bought it when it first came out
Petra, you can down load the free Kindle program and read it on a computer (Mac or PC)
It's $0.99 for me. Is that because I'm in Norway?
Couldn't get it from Indonesia.
Been wanting to buy it anyway. Just grabbed it and excited to read it!
hi. pls add me to your Circle. tnx ! ;'))
Same from Kindle App on Android. $0,99 - but well worth it :)
thankyou got it with their cloud reader. a new experience for me :)
Amazing deal if I hadn't already bought it. Great read!
+Adrian Wells your link worked, but when I signed in I got "Pricing information not available", from my Kindle on Andoid and Cloud Reader I'm taken to the paid version of the book. No big deal, but I'm curious why it won't work from here (Norway).
Many of the free editions are not available here in Australia either. There is a little notice saying so when I sign in for a particular book.
Oh no! I spent a fortune buying that book and now they're giving it away for free :p
actually i don't seem to have received the entire book, just a portion. Maybe because I'm Australian oh well :)
Awesome...been loving my Kindle Fire since I got it a couple of weeks ago. I'm in the middle of the Hunger games Trilogy right now though so it may be a bit before I get a chance to read :)
Just downloaded it, Thank you! I have shared it too.
Look forward to checking this out Jeff. Thanks.
This is a very important read, very applicable to what's going on right now in the real world.
Just downloaded it now, will eventually get round to reading it!
But when I looked it up earlier today it wasn't free... And when I (stupid me) hit the 1-clik button (stupid thing) I bought it instead... Hopefully its worth the $0,99... or what...? :)
Downloaded, will give it a try as well!
Does not seem to work in France too. Around 2,5€.
Maybe it's not a worlwide offer? Or too late, because of timezones?
Won't stop me to read it though :-)
+Thomas Malbaux Garg. It shows free for me in the US, UK, Germany, Spain, and Italy ... but not France. I'm telling Amazon about this now.
I bought a copy when it first came out. Keep up the good work. 
Thank you! Seems like a great read.
These days, Gutenberg would have provided a free ebook à la Doctorow :)
Looks like a good book somethin to read!
These days, Gutenberg would have provided a free ebook à la Docto
day and night
I need a fly ass book on greek mythology ! please help me someone
yeah got it! +Ashely Brown that is something you should try to care to, but you actually don't because it's above the average :) or, let me write this in a manner you could understand "Tha is a bok, u read tha book lady, you shulda."
Thanks so much for the the free offer. Looking forward to diving into it.
Thanks Jeff, looking forward to reading this.
Thanks Jeff, I can't wait to read it.
going to get it now.....can wait to read it!!!!
I once bought something on Amazon.
in my kindle. looking forward to reading it. thanks!
Thanks Jeff. I clicked and it is now on my Kindle!
Thanks Jeff - essential reading for all Geeks!
Thanks Jeff. Got the book and shared the link
Yay! Free bathroom reading for this techno-dweeb!
Thanks, Jeff, look forward to the getting between the covers so to say!
Thanks, Jeff. Looking forward to reading this.
Thank you. Great concept and perspective?
I'm not allowed to get it in the UK, which kind'a sucks.....
can you read kindle books without a kindle?
There is Kindle app for Android and iOs (iphone, ipad)
Loved the Kindle Single - it was my first one and it was right up my alley!
I was just wondering if Jeff Jarvis and I are related My maiden name is hazel jarvis
Bought Jeff's single a few weeks ago and love it! If you don't already have it, jump on this today people!
Jarvi in Iron Man Jarvis?
Oops... Reading it now. Owe you more...
thank you, I am reading it this evening.
Thank you! That was a fantastic read. If you don't write for Wired Magazine yet, they should be knocking down your door soon.
Thank you--I checked out the page on Amazon and the book looks interesting!
quiero una mujer madura i buena de ecuador
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