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I love this. I also love how small Iceland is -- very small six figures -- so it can operate as a community. 
The Internet is transforming government in many ways across the globe. Check out how Iceland has harnessed its power to formulate a new constitution. Following the country’s economic collapse, citizens were given a chance to help forge a new constitution for their country through Facebook and Twitter – and now they’ve been asked to vote on the resulting draft, with two thirds of the voters coming out in its favor.

“Give the people a chance to feed into the drafting, taking advantage of the internet’s convenience and low barriers, and they’ll stand behind the result,” says +GigaOM's David Meyer.

Check out the full article. 
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We need to embrace the new arenas of communication. Fear mongering keeps the masses out of the loop. We are forced to use traditional channels as those in power are want to relinquish control.

We must demand voting via fb, g+ and any other relevant channel.  Government must become more transparent and people must have a more direct involvement in our inalienable right to govern ourselves. #votethebumsout  
Internet enables more direct forms of democracy, because the physical cost of involving people is reduced by orders of magnitude. 
+Lester Walters there's unfortunately a problem with voting via technology because of the potential for fraud. Technical systems are always controlled by a very small group of individuals who cannot be reliably monitored due to technical issues. The system administrators can always hack their systems better than the monitors and would soon be corrupted. Powerful forces would do anything they need to to gain ownership of those who control the voting systems either via direct ownership or more indirect corruption, bribery, etc. The best protection against that is to have many randomly selected people counting votes by hand, from all major parties, counting the same physical ballots together. It's expensive, but eliminates fraud.
Wow, what a brilliant idea. It demonstrates a real trust in citizens and while the resulting collection of material had to be tweaked and edited to turn it into a coherent document, that was also handled by a group of citizens. 
In Ireland we are about to embark on a constitutional convention aiming at a new constitution to replace the 1937 one that is showing its age.  wouldn't it be marvelous if our Taoiseach Enda Kenny did the same thing here.
In the USA, the representatives don't even read the bills before they vote on them.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of controversy.” We, the people were reading the bill and didn't like what we saw.  We have to find a way to get people more involved in the process and then pull the ear of our reps to get to to listen to what we say and think.  I want to find a grass roots way to get my voice heard.  I don't have $$ so I'm not listened to. I write, call, post and email and only once a year or so get a "I hear you but don't care" response.
+Sakari Maaranen So the online betting systems of casinos are safe, and the trillions of dollars moved about on the various stock markets are ok, but for some reason voting systems are in perilous danger?  I suppose you think the current voting system is without fraud?   #drivenbyfear  
+Lester Walters I see you missed the point and immediately made a straw man by speculating on what I might believe instead of honestly talking about what you think. This conversation is over before it started. Perhaps I should buy a casino if their systems are going to be used for voting. Thanks for the tip.
+Lester Walters even funnier is that you contradict yourself in a single comment. First you try to ridicule me for not just trusting voting systems and then you immediately continue by a sarcastic suggestion that there is already fraud. Please save the hashtags for people who can use them and know what they are for. You're a troll.
+Sakari Maaranen, does the term "ballot box stuffing" ring a bell? Paper-based voting is at least as likely to be subject to fraud as electronic.
Wikipedia has a well written and long article on "electoral fraud" with plenty examples of specific methods. It's good reading. 
so who chose the "25" and the 6 questions was there any democratic oversight in how the constitutional delegates and the 6 questions where chosen?

From experince how a Q is worded can make a huge diference
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