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Just got hacked off at a France24 producer who wanted me to come on the air to talk about Facebook's business plan and how it makes its money from advertising using information about us.

How do you make money? I demanded.

Uh pretty much the same way, he said.

Right. I'm sick of this attitude that starts with "internet bad." I told him I wasn't going to be part of another hackneyed, fear-mongering, bullshit angle.

Nobody watches anyway.
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dude, please call Howard more often!!!! Mr. Public parts!!!
I watch that channel on occasion.

You should have gone on air and asked them that question during the interview.
Should have asked the same on the air :)
Thank you for the dose of reality. All 38 viewers of France24 will be sorry they missed you.
it all about ads ;-)
France 24 is Sarkozy's baby. If that's not the sign that it's a joke, I don't know what is.
Got in that situation a couple of times too, where because you are a "multimedia specialist" you end up having to defend the whole world: the internet, Facebook, Google, etc. And it's not like a balanced view (FB = some good, some bad, like almost anything) is an accepted answer.

I must say Swiss journalists are the most civilized and fairplay I have ever seen.
Good for you, I wish more speakers/celebrities such as yourself would do the same thing.
+Jeff Jarvis I love the attitude but let it go and relax. Life is too short to worry about the shortsighted, fear mongering media. It is a little early for a beer but you might consider having ONE at lunch.
Putting them on the spot with that question on air would've been great but hopefully that producer will get your point.
Hey Jeff, don't hold back, tell us how you feel. /: )
Well, to be fair, France24 doesn't keep profiles on every internet-site I visit (that has facebook buttons).
I didn't but I should have called in to correct a stock market reporter when she spoke of doom for FB stock based on privacy issues. The part I was so upset with was her reference to Google and its "New" privacy policy's and how scared we should all be of it. There is nothing New with Google's privacy policies that we should be afraid of. This is starting to really piss me off.
Did you finish with a "Now go away, or I shall taunt you a second time!" ? :)
Fair enough point really although you could have made the point that atleast online the ads are more relevant to the end user thus more potentially useful and valuable than traditional advertising.

That said... isn't France 24 state funded? I can't say I watch the channel much although I quite like RT for it's often wildly different take on news stories.
The difference is that broadcasters broadcast while FB crawls under your skin and feeds your thoughts.
France24 is an external international broadcaster produced by France Televisions, similar to BBC World News, Voice of America, RT, etc.

My problem is, I never know if Facebook is too invasive or not. 18 months ago Leo was fleeing the place and Jeff seemed to lack any confidence that Zuck and his lackeys could be trusted with sensitive information, nowadays the consensus seems to be they can. What changed?
I don't know if their being able to be trusted with sensitive information has changed, but maybe our perception of whether or not it matters has.
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