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#IfIHadGlass  I would change journalism forever. With my students at CUNY, we'd rethink the news: how it is witnessed and shared. We'd rethink how news alerts and other information are fed to Glass wearers. We'd rethink the UI of creating content post-keyboard. We'd build new business models around Glass. 
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Now I see how foresightful "Gutenberg the Geek"s cover picture really was…
Thanks, +Yonatan Zunger. That means a lot coming from you. Now the story gets even better: I was supposed to go to I/O last year but couldn't because I had a burst appendix. If I'd been there, I would have put in my order to do just this with it. But I lost out. So I'm glad to have a second chance!
Thanks, too, +Curtis Bridges 
+Jeff Jarvis I'm glad you do, too! 

The significance of Project Glass for journalism could be huge. It could take the citizen journalism that's been enabled by mobile phones to a whole new level, for example. It might even lead to enough raw data that the ability to process through huge piles of it efficiently would become an important tool for journalists...
+Yonatan Zunger nearly all of the ideas I have seen so far are quite weak. I'm sure some better ones are on the way. Is someone at Google going to actually read ALL if the submissions? There will tens of thousands of submissions I'm guessing. 
"Post-keyboard" - enough for me to love this post. 
+Yonatan Zunger Yes, start here: I was at the World Trade Center on 9/11. I didn't have a camera and since that day have always had one (now a phone, of course), for there are images I saw that day, burned into my brain that I cannot share. The rest of the world saw the World Trade Centers from rooftops three miles away. I saw it at human level. It was a very different story. 
So now imagine that hundreds, thousands of people had Google Glass that day. How different our perception of the event would have been. How different the reporting of the event, as it occurred and afterward, would have been. 
+Yonatan Zunger Also.... I'm reminded of the spate of stories about Russian dashboard cams that gave us amazing views of the meteor (and a crashing plane a few weeks before). I get excited about what can be witnessed and gathered. But I think it would be a mistake to stop there. I also am fascinated about a post-page net in which we ask for and get information via voice and Glass screen. How would we get news updates then? And I've been talking with a serial entrepreneur I know about the idea of creating content without a screen or keyboard. All that is questioning that Glass opens up....
It would be super awesome if GGlasses could also replace regular prescription lenses... simply enter your prescription & voila! - CORRECTED VISION along with enhanced reality, media consumption & creation, gaming - you name it, its theoretically possible. I've always wanted Superman's telescopic & microscopic vision (not to mention xray & heat)!
Who needs journalists to begin with?  Seriously.  Jeff, you should just retire and work for Leo.
+George Pabis ... Journalist do more than just report the obvious :) Many quietly toil away with invaluable research, fact-gathering and develop stories that deserve to written. For better or for worse, the economic reality or our age is making it increasingly difficult to pay those investigative-type journalists for their invaluable contributions. 

But regardless, I absolutely agree with your inference regarding the synergy and vibe of Jarvis, Trapani & Laporte! #Kleeblatt
Dam Jeff, didn't know you were dead!?! or you just getting too lazy to learn new tricks?
+George Pabis I still think we need journalists to make sense of information. If civil war breaks out in Farawaystan, it would be better that trained journalists (that I've circled) to post little videos (articles?), explaining the events with a compilation of various media, including Glass footage. Just raw Glass footage (of a family being violently thrown out of their house by rebels, for example) is likely to shock rather more than it informs. Just like does today.
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#ifihadglass It would be a downgrade. -Geordi La Forge

Indeed, they should hire hime to promote this product ;-)
Sorry +Jay Brashear, Sr that circle is a hypothetical one! Google+ hasn't sufficiently got its hooks into me yet. In spite of interesting discussion such as this one. Something of a puzzle.
I don't know if Glass will change journalism. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think it will be interesting to see what kind of content is created with Glass that's news-worthy. Hopefully you and your students create something unique and useful. 
Onlyproblem I see with this Glass is it is going to overwhelm the cloud  and storage unfrastructure if people start archiving the footage indiscriminately . Dont know how Google infrastructure copes up this information overload and  address  this problem 
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