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Neil was a stud, and also a shunner of the public eye. I'll never forget that July night!

And +Sawadee Sawadeepat, there's nothing disrespectful here to Mr. Armstrong, IMHO.
"We can put a man on the moon. but we can't bomb a tiny asian nation into the stone age?" isn't respectful at all. Shame on you!
Geez, the thin-skinned society must be meeting here this weekend...

FWIW, this event did introduce the term "We can put a man on the moon, but..." into the English language.
Cripes, the Onion piece is all about how absolutely, unbelievably magnificent a task it was to get people to the moon. We treat it like it's just a matter of fact, part of our history. But people walked on the freakin' moon! It's not disrespectful to the people who achieved this amazing feat -- it's more like a celebration of how fantastic it was that we got there as well as a criticism against those who just shrug their shoulders at one of humankind's greatest accomplishments.
Thank you for sharing the photo. I needed the laugh in the wake of the very sad news.
I don't think so. He was an intelligent thoughtful man. He would be appalled by the vulgarity
very nice=you made my day=pissed my pants.
Oh, lighten up, people (some of you; you know who you are). 
hope you dont go to a irish wake =you na sayers =thats funny.
+Terry Smith 

The test pilot Neil Armstrong was a different person than Man on the Moon Neil Armstrong.

Check out Chuck Yeager's autobiography.  

I think a part of him would have appreciated it.
It is amazing that since the first Moon landing medical science has developed a way to surgically remove a person's of humour.
They all originally navy and/or tesf pilots! I think they all heard and used colorful language!
Funny! A little patriotic flag waving but while half the world including most of Asia was living in mud huts, Americans were jumping across the surface of the moon in 1969. We forget that Americans kick butt in so many things....the next time people tell me China or India is taking over the world Ill just have a little chuckle.....Ill take an American engineer over anyone else hands down!
Sadly +Mitch Stokely  the last laugh is best. I don't think its gonna be that way.  Also funny is how hungrier brown/yellow guys are making up the future alumni of technocracy.

Betcha you remove your post.
Eagle, thank you for opening our horizons. 
The question may not be about ethnic orgin, but what do the various  societies deem as important and hence both stress their importance and the rewards social and monetary that go with it
+drjack ong  The US has a GDP of $16 trillion with only 300 million people, many of which are not rich, while China has a GDP of $9 trillion with 4 times the people. India only $3 trillion GDP but has billions of people. So the US generates the wealth that drives the world. Why?. Its why we just landed on Mars and have the greatest Military in the world and why our government invented the Internet and why we are the home of Apple, Microsoft, and Google that everyone uses. Think about it...when you can figure out why Americans innovate so much you will have an answer to your own insecurities.
+Mitch Stokely A statement with similar sentiments could have been said at the peak of influence of any of the great empires from history (i.e. Egyptian, Roman, British) that eventually waned.

Quoting current point in time figures might make you feel good but I suggest that you take a look at the growth trends and extrapolate out a few years. While is true that the USA economy is the largest at the moment, other large economies are growing at faster rates. As your countrymen are often want to say "You do the math".

Be careful but I think your jingoistic hubris is showing.
+Mitch Stokely One small step for Man, one smaller step for this American.

First have you seen the various international education stats recently? Who tops out the maths and the science equivalencies at high school? And where does good ol USA lie?

I also am amused that you immediately equated brown/yellow with Indians and Chinese and not the mulitcultural America that I know and love. But that was a test that you failed.  I was taught by a Flilpino who was naturalised in Grade 2.

Which country  precipitated this global economic crisis? A hyphenated word for your clue: sub-prime.

Its funny how the current American's in space rely on the old Russain/Soviet space station. And you don't mention about NASA getting its funding cut year on year.

You point out your military, I point out your unemployment and your industries going elsewhere (And not paying taxes)
You are just clinging on to the name and trademark originating in America but yearning to be global and eyeing China and India. And when the patent system allows for patenting rectangles with round corners in the name of innovation, I can only laugh.

The past glories are claimed by you. The world's children already know today's America is not the same.

 Mr Armstrong said Mankind.  That statement futureproofs it from the patriotic chest thumping that would come from anywhere else or ignorant WASPs on message boards.
+William Bud Latanville
As I've had to explain to people on G plus before, different countries have different ways of calculating infant mortality. In many countries, even infants that die at at few weeks of age aren't counted in the total. The US has stricter standards. As its not a level playing field, the rankings are basically useless.

Oh, and don't take this as me defending Mitch Stokely, because he's wrong as hell.
I have some agreement with the comments posted since I wrapped myself in the American flag. Let me add this....Americas success the past 100 years is very much like any great empire....riding a bell curve. Being an analyst I too know what that means.... that what comes up must come down. I also know this is not a racial or even cultural issue. Americas success owes itself to a steady influx of really bright foreignors. Yet its still American universities with American educators that drive that. We also are successful because we participate globally with countries like Russia and China and India. Im a liberal Democrat so you wont get that fear or misunderstanding of the fact the US is increasingly locked into a global dynamic there (unlike Republicans who think its us versus them).

My point is simply look at the facts....that despite trends and the so called future trends American continues to launch forward pretty well with its continued dominance militarily, economically, and scientifically above many other countries. We just landed on Mars again with a technology developed by very innovative American minds. We continue to create web and mobile technologies, and we are trying hypersconic flight. I dont see any other country in the world even close to creating those things. And though yes people of many countries and races and cultures participate and join in those successes its still very much an American accomplishment. You can offshores jobs to India and buy cheap iphones built in China or share space technology with Russia or benefit from the collider in Europe but these innovations still evolve around American pronouncements and events where those successes become reality in real innovation.

You can blast your insecurities here and scream rascism or talk about yellow skin. Its not my point. My point is the open cultural, freedom long, very competitive, risk taking American system lives on. Monocultutalism, communism, and theocratic or socialistic systems dont seem to prove those models work so well.

The man that chooses to walk on Mars will likely be an event that is a global effort as yes the world is changing. But more likely wont happen without American technology and dominance in Space.
+Adam Woodard : I only threw in that proviso because the wikipedia page show side-by-side the UN stats vs the CIA's Worldbook stats, and I didn't want anyone to think I'd missed one over the other...
And, as Mark Twain told us, "There are lies, damned lies, and statistics." :) Always to be taken with a grain of salt...
Btw....I got the humor in the article.

One aditional a software engineer Ive noticed that great engineers are great problem solvers and think outside the box. The rest are very good risk takers too, one which Americans relish. I once was team lead over a group of offshore programmers. I noticed many of the foreigners were better skilled and in a few cases smarter than many of my comrads in the states. They also were very good programmers and builders. And work ethic was fantastic as was communication, etc. One day we came across a very thorny problem, and it required very agressive problem solving beyond skillsets and certification. And thats when I saw the difference between Americans and China and Indian engineers. Its called risk aversion.....I was able to tap into that out of the box problem solving skills here but not overseas and we figured out a solution. But I will never forget the silence on the phone overseas.... thinking outside the box and that sense of a love of risk and wild imagination needed to solve impossible problems and the freedom to do that individually I never saw in any of the minds I worked with except in American engineers. Thats my point.

If you go back and read about Armstrong you will find on that Apollo 11 missions he had to manually pilot parts of the flight....its that balls to the wall thinking outside the box gungho mentallity that is the difference and what makes America leaps and bounds above the rest!
I swear that you have 3 different people writing your posts, +Mitch Stokely :D

Although I don't buy into all that blindly nationalistic "we're number one!" crap, I love me some 'Merica just as much as the next, well, American, heh. I think that you were correct about the US not being exempt from the Great Empire Bell Curve, even though you later claim that it IS actually exempt due to a free market, outside-the-box thinking, general awesomeness. As +drjack ong mentioned, there are some hitches the US has that point to lessened worldwide influence in the near-future - education, economic instrumentation and patent law being a few noteworthy items.

By no means do I believe that the US has a monopoly on creativity and drive to succeed, though. It's a pretty ignorant claim, to be honest.

Oh, and I LOVE the Onion. I used to get the printed edition back in college. I just feel bad for the people who don't understand the humor.

+William Bud Latanville : True that. 98.364% of statistics are made up out of thin air.
+Adam Woodard No monopoly Adam, just that creativity and risk taking is a major driver behind America's success. You might reread what I actually wrote. Never said that. And wow, you dismantled my talking points, statistical mathematics, America's success, and me all in one post! Congratulations.
+Mitch Stokely +Adam Woodard Now we are on common ground! I love USA and her ideals.

I agree that the creativity has driven the dynamism that the good ol USA had and has- is one of the most important parts of its culture.

I think it is unfair that +Mitch Stokely was chest pounding about America when many other countries were in conflict or poverty post world war/world wide conflicts at THEIR doorstep.  Or ignore the fact that the space race was driven by the naturalisation of Third Reich scientists.  I hated the fact that the military is used as a figurehead of progress when the American Public easily forgets the generosity of US' worldwide aid that can trace its roots from the Marshall Plan. I hate the implication that every non-American scientist doesn't have the same spark of creativity.

I'd like to think Neil Armstrong's steps on the moon was for mankind and not just America. I'd like to think that any kid in the world right now is rooting for the Mars Rover instead of thinking that's America's Mars Rover. I'd like to remember that the Pope prayed for Apollo 13 in the same vein.
Hehe. I wasn't trying to dismantle your talking points, +Mitch Stokely . I actually agree with the facts sprinkled in there (and I re-read it a couple times before I first posted). What I don't agree with is the hubris that overwhelms your facts and, frankly, pisses people off.

The only "statistical mathematics" that you did was divide GDP by population three times and use the results to say that the US "generates the wealth that drives the world". 

As for America's success... I am acutely aware of the many, many benefits of being a US citizen. I realize that the US has been instrumental in a tremendously large swath of human accomplishments. I realize that our government, through freedom of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, has allowed us to flourish. 

BUT... When you say things like, you "just have a little chuckle" when "people tell me China or India is taking over the world", or "innovations still evolve around American pronouncements", or "thinking outside the of risk...wild imagination...I never saw in any of the minds I worked with except in American engineers..", it's not just pride for good 'ol USA - it's insulting to every other citizen of the world who would gladly take over your job and do it better, faster and for a tenth of the money, if only their circumstances gave them the opportunity. 
+Adam Woodard well said. I didn't want to revisit the points you raised in the last paragraph, obviously Mitch was trying to moderate his earlier jingoism.

JFK once said I am an idealist who is a realist.  I once was very like Mitch in sentiment then found a little more temperance.
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