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Gawd, no, email notifications are DEATH
We're introducing a better Google+ notification experience in email today. You'll always be up-to-date when using Gmail and Google+ together, because Google+ notification emails are now completely interactive on the desktop. You can also now reply to notifications from your mobile device (and/or POP or IMAP client). #googleplusupdate
Posted by Zohair Hyder, Software Engineer Notification emails are a great way to keep up with what's happening in the Google+ stream: whether someone mentions you, comments on your post, or shares...
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i was just complaining about this. thanks for sharing.
I'd MUCH rather be able to get SMS notifications of new Gmails..... The last thing I need are MORE G+ notifications.
For some of you folk, but for those of us with less pressing voume, it's a nice addition. I use email notifications and filters as a way of pinning threads I want to get back to.
Jeff, you can always turn them off. This change may actually make them useful.
it works well for me because I reach a lot of people this way who are not on Google plus. I added them to my circles and they get the notification. Some of them signed up for Google plus and the others know how to forward the notification back to my email address with a comment. Now at least they have the option of using the reply link. Smart move
This is why we have e-mail filters, to automatically clean out spam form services that suddenly imagine we'd love to see several hundred variants on 'Someone posted something on someone's thing that you looked at!'
They will be dead when people will stop suscribing to multiple social networks OR when social networks will become a unified protocol rather than multiple platforms, so that people will retrive all them notifications from them social network client.
You have to admit (surely!) that this is pretty interesting in terms of seeing the ongoing integration of Google's services? What will they do next?!
So silly to have more notifications! Think they'll backtrack on this?
+Jeff Jarvis G+ has a very nice notification system as it is, I certainly didn't feel the urge for this. But surely someone will appreciate this, all features you can turn off are a bit awesome. :D
Perhaps for you. For me, if it's not in email, it doesn't exist. I don't have time to go hunt down every little thing on the Internet that might have changed.
@ Thibaut-Multi-platform Social Networks, already are very close to being Unified. And not just by using Trillian or Pidgen. My Android introduced me to "syncing up" accounts, not just social Networks,either. I became aware, that the internt (& More?) is all becoming Unified, Rapidly. (I know everyone has noticed the increase in the +1's,FB like icons showing up in ads everywhere. Most websites have the icons even legit tech and medical sites. The ones on TV & in printed publications just confuse me. My tv is not that interactive neither have the paper Publications let me +1 anything.) Those ads were my 1st clue. The synching the 2nd. That's about all I need to fully understand what is/has happening, where it is leading and WHO has already joined this "Trend" We will all either love it or hate it. At least they are still responding to our ideas and input. Right? ( I think we have all figured out by now, just who our "Big Brother"s really are ;)
Too bad we can't put the Google guys on the ballot this Nov. Just saying :-)
Well, they would have to agree on a unified protocole. So that users can gather all them interactions on a single client. So that it will not make a difference to discuss with someone who is on Facebook from Google+. The point is that Facebook is not interested in this future. Currently, Facebook prefer to keep his users captives. Other big networks may as well. This could happen if the minor social network, forums and blog CMS agree on a shared protocole. So there would be at one side the unified networks of the small plateformes, and on the other side Facebook. With such a balance, Google+ may join the unified network so that it could lead on the futur on a global network composed of multiple networks, sharing the same protocole. More competition means more innovation and more user voice strengh. Well, I'm probably dreaming awaken, yet telling about this is the only chance to spread the idea...
Why are you so certain that facebook is not on board yet? Already with both here and fb you have the option for your posts to be also posted to G+, Twitter etc. sure some are done by apps particulary phone apps, However Facebook is allowing it. In the feed it will list Twitter Etc. And Facebook Has the Power to stop something they don't want to be a part of. And so does Google. ( you can learn a lot if you pay attention to the information you seek out and less to what you are fed)
There really is no need to have a single platform to be able to post or comment to any of the social networks you may have a profile on. My Android came with apps (un-installable :-( ) that are actually part of it's initial setup, along with the option to sync the accounts, and that takes care of them all. Even Linkedin. Also the Android came with at least 3 apps, you cannot uninstall, just for facebook.
My Android opened my eyes to what is, or who, is tied with Google already. All multi-platform. I'm not complaing, just saying.
Ok, I truly can say "I don't understand" how this is something I need.
@Becky: There is API but they are still incomplete in regard to what would permit a standard protocole. Also, each API is different so that this mean a lot of effort to program social media unified user interfaces...

What will users gain from a standard a unified social media protocole replacing the multiple APIs ?

* What you will get immediatly ? *
It is only something that will make your life easier if you suscribe to multiple social networks. It will permit a dedicated user interface for all your social interactions. So it will make your navigation and information organisation really smoother than the current mail notifications. This is why Hootsuite, TweetDeck, Seesmic, are used. Yet since there ismany different API to manage, thoose social media mashups only manage the mainstream platforms. Only a standard protocole, replacing the APIs for small platforms such as forums, blogs, secondary social networks, would permit to build real responsive social media mashup interfaces replacing mail notifications.

* What you will get after a few mounths ? *
This model will permit users to discuss from a platform to another. Saying it clearly : it is no longuer important if you are speaking from Google+, Facebook, Twitter, a small Forum, blog comments... What will be important will be the topic and te social circles. So that, you will be enabled to discuss with the wildest audience and much more topic focused. This time again, what you gain is simplicity and efficiency.

* What you will gain after a few years ? *
That's the part Facebook don't like. Since you can find and discuss with your friends from Facebook, Google+, Twitter, blogs, forums... on a single interface, you don't need to be on Facebook anymore. You don't mind from wich platform you are connected, you don't mind from wich platform you friends are connected. If you don't have a Facebook account, you can still discuss with your friends who are on Facebook using Google+. How ? beacause Google+ know who is connected on Facebook and make a gate to transfer interaction as if thoose people where on Google+. So basicaly, you don't mind about Facebook. If you don't want to go to Facebook, you don't go and you can still discuss with your friends who are on Facebook. This mean there will be no monopoly anymore. You just go where the service feet you needs and your values. Whithout monopoly, the power come back to the user. This mean that 1/ platforms are forced to respect the users 2/ more innovation is generated from platform's competition. After a few years, this will make the social medias a place where the user is more respected, more free, and get a better service.
+Thibaut DEVERAUX, I couldn't agree more. I am also dreaming on a future social networks federation protocol that allow the power back to the user.
Let's hope Google+ to go on board.
So is this why google is taking forever to load today??
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