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A good rundown explaining why we're in such dire straits for gas in NJ:
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It's so weird  One town will have lines and the next will be empty. Even with infographics, social media, and friends telling them where to go. Most folks could drive for 20 minutes and get gas.. or wait hours in line... this from a guy who lives in a town with a dozen gas stations w/in 5 minutes all powered up with no cars in them =/
and for the stations that ARE open, there are lines of cars waiting. Those will run out fast
It seems that information tied in with the ham operators has been and is more useful.  Last night was the first time I've watched an entire episode of the TWiT ham radio show.  Fascinating and level headed news you can actually use.
+Jeff Jarvis Pemberton. The hurricane hit us almost dead on, yet all the towns nearby have power even though it's basically forest (huge old trees over power lines) and we also have a low population density. But places in North Jersey, the exact opposite, are all struggling. Before the storm I was positive it would be the other way around. P.S. NY I totally get, flooding was horrible. My folks lost both cars and have a pool in their basement.
+Jeff Jarvis Yea but we're tough here, just another notch in the belt. We'll come out better on the other side. BTW, huge fan of all you do, thanks for the discussion =)
Although it's rare, we've experienced something similar during earthquakes in California. The power goes out and gas stations are unable to pump... however, it's localized and you can often drive just a little further down the road and find a working station.

True, flooding seems much more devastating and widespread, so "a little further down the road" might be more hazardous and difficult.

It's such and odd scene when people in one area would be foraging for food, batteries and fuel, then we'd get on the freeway, drive 20 minutes, and people would be playing golf and at the mall..
What I don't understand about this how thing is why is there not backup power are the fuel hubs. 
I was thinking...

Airport FBOs usually have fuel trucks.   Fill them with auto gas and drive to the neighborhoods.

(I know.  They'd never flush out the lead from the AvGas in the tanks.)
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