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Haha, fuck Apple.
LMAO....well you see sir, about the escape pods...mwahahahaha. 
Funny but shouldn't it be actually the other way round? ;-)
Luis P
Less litigation and more creation ... no one told Apple it could not benchmark ... which they did. Just focus on improving. Oh ... right ... you might suffer from certain lack of good creative ideas now the inspiration fountain has dried. And yes, Steve Jobs will be missed by many, including me. Agreeing with him or not he singlehanded started a revolution that all benefit one way or the other
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA omg that was hilarious! Must repost
They probably need to remove the saucer section of the Enterprise too. After all a circle is just a rectangle with really rounded off corners!
This litigation proves that Apple has run out of ideas. Can anyone imagine a car with a steering wheel? That would have been the case if a company like Apple had been around in those days.
time to beam every one to pluto the non planet
Don't laugh!  That's exactly the future Apple envisions!
Thats hilarious sir we cant breathe apple patented oxygen. Sir we cant communicate with Star Fleet apple fan boi's in the tech press are flogging a new supposedly secret apple something
+David Greenberg Interesting article. I think his point was that it's stupid they could even patent that in the first place. It costs samsung money when they have to litigate back over bogus patents. So even if the jury said they didn't infringe, it still cost them a crap load of money just going to court about it.
I thought that some of those features would have been licensed by Starfleet. :-)

V. Nicely done.

All we need is an Apple logo on the Enterprise and I'd buy one!

Quick ... Patent the Warp core, self destruct, proximity sliding doors, the holo deck, Borg, Borg cubes, phasers...
Haha more S3 and Notes for those outside the US at cheaper prices..
thanks =big time =i hope star trak is calling=love to watch one espisode you wrote.
i do a full comedy=star teck for dummies=with 80,000 cold beers in the hull of the enterprize.
This one cracks me up.  Thanks for the Friday laugh.
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