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CNBC looks at future of TV...but talks with its past: MTV founder Tom Freston, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts, CBS CEO Les Moonves, Disney CEO Robert Iger, plus Ashton Kutcher Really? Have ya heard of YouTube?
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There should be a follow-up with people from Youtube, Google TV, Vimeo, Amazon, video bloggers, Tim O'Reilly, ...
Only people on YouTube think YouTube is the future of television.... ugh. Well, I sure hope not.

Now maybe Louis CK and other's experiments or Google/Apple TV and Hulu's current convolutions would be interesting.
+Jeff Jarvis on a more serious note, are you surprised that CNBC (or any other 'major player') is afraid or unwilling to admit the future is something completely alien to their entire business model (at least, as it currently stands)?

They've gotten too comfortable and have too narrow a view of what 'TV' is that they can't & won't change until it's too late.

Of course, that point has only been mentioned on TWiT (obviously an unbiased entity in the debate on the future of media :p ) every single time anyone brings up something remotely related to TV or broadcasting.
+Kendal Houser it all depends on how you define 'television' YouTube has a mindboggling amount of video available, and is apparently now getting an additional 60 hours of video per minute (

While there is an absurd amount of fluffy animals, don't forget that youtube does have channels for people (like Leo Laporte of +TWiT or +Geek and Sundry or name a few) publishing professional level quality. Even if YouTube fails due to it's branding problem, places like Netflix, Amazon Instant or Hulu have much more to say about the future of TV than the dinosaurs at the networks as you mentioned. Google & Apple seem to still be figuring things out, but they'll certainly be big players in the long term if they bother to stick around.

PS: Sorry for totally overwhelming your stream Jeff!
Obviously CNBC hasn't heard of YouTube.
Comcast is one of the companies trying to prevent the future of TV. The major networks look like they also have no clue how to operate in this new environment. But don't worry. The government will keep trying to pass legislation that keeps these old models afloat.
calling the future vid media "TV" is like calling radio "broadcast concerts" in the 30s
Comcast looks for new ways to extort money from hardworking people everyday. I’m sure they will find a way to charge their customs more money behind this.
Any company that requires me to have a cable, satellite, or telco TV package to watch content on my Roku, Apple TV, tablet or any other Internet connected device just don't get it. Take for example the Hulu rumor...don't Hulu's partners know that this will increase piracy of content?

Old media is silly.
+Charles Zimmerman +1 for the last line :) Also, they think the opposite (namely that this will reduce piracy) because the average person still has cable/satellite/whatever, and they see hulu as 'extending services' rather than replacing it entirely. Besides, we don't know any specifics about the deal's possible that the subscription requirement would only be for certain stuff (ideally nothing already on hulu out hulu+ ) but we'll just wait & see
This will only be way to charge money for services. If you can't pay, you will not have to worry about this adventure between the millionaires.
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