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Wow. YouTube is advertising its stars not only on the New York subways but also -- just saw it -- on prime time TV. 
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They are trying keep Marissa from wooing away top talent!
Maybe they should try promoting people that actually need promotion and not ones that already have millions of followers?
+Shawn Zipay The advertisements are more about showing that there are YouTube channels that get millions of hits, to those that they'd like to sell advertisement space to...
+William Brine +Shawn Zipay I believe they're experimenting with new ad techniques for their most popular channels, including some native stuff. Not sure how it'll turn out for them though
I've seen two distinct ads on TV so far, and third add on the DC metro. Not sure why the sudden promotion.
I've seen a few ads while watching Cosmos (Fox), they're pretty well done, but they should be promoting a more diverse set of channels... The only ones I've seen were about makeup, and video game cakes.
It's absurd that youtube only gives you 1 channel...So someone subscribes to me for my brazilian jiu-jitsu instructional vids and they end up getting notifications about vids of my kids. There's no separation....They force me to facebook for publishing vids of my kids in order to keep it separate from my bjj
What an ironic change from the Time Magazine person of the year 2006, Things seem to be swinging back to a simple content consumption paradigm. Here comes the new TV, same as the old TV? 
+Alexandre Romao does someone really use QR codes? 😁 - except for publishing malware links....
They're also running them on those screens in the back of yellow cabs. 
Jeff Jarvis Wish you a very nice day and weekend . Gr Maria
Been seeing them on Hulu as well. 
The video ads are annoying as hell. They're all doing things I have no interest in. Makeup, fashion, baking.
Very interesting. Looks like your 15 minutes of fame are going to last a lot longer now.
Thanks +Giovanni Panaro ..but now I just created a kids channel and can't seem to switch to whatever was my original default channel... This is just awful from a usability UI perspective..."Channel mgmt" is terrible. 
They have this Bethany ad on Hulu ads. Which drives me crazy. 
Some people use chromebooks.
Maybe 1.7b people use Chrome.
Probably more than 1.7b people use Google Search (almost 6b searches a day).
1.59b people use Google Plus.
Probably more than 1.6b people use YouTube.
Advertising Google is like advertising the Internet. The Internet and Google don't need advertising. Whatever company I manage, I ask clients how they want me to spend their money; anyway, I don't waste it e.g. by interfering with your daily life or commute.
Most people want to use the Internet and they will; we're almost 3b now.

I know why Google are so aggressive, but I don't support such initiatives. An effect of this investment might be that people will keep wanting to be seen on old television, while new television is actually on the Internet.
I support Google when they cause advances. But I want to build a software platform that makes improvements that Google doesn't.
Not everyone uses the intertubes the same way unfortunately. Or realize what the stars of youtube mean. What do you think +Lamarr Wilson?
Yeah. Thanks again. I managed to figure it out but it's terrible UI design... You basically switch to a different account (that has the same credentials)
So you have to manage each channel separately... Analytics, publishing to a single channel. They should be embarrassed by this.
+joe coneryagree it's a pain in the ass and you many other people like myself don't care for it. It would be nice if we could make a video and before posting it be able to select which audience sees it without having to change to a different account first. 
Publishing to specific circles of people +Jose Gonzalez z... Hmm. That's a novel idea...
Actually this would be even better than the way g+ does it b/c people subscribe to the channel that they want from you... Topic based.
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