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Love it. But. If you look carefully at the stain on the wall, it seems like it was initially installed correctly ... But then a screw came out - rather than having been installed backwards.
Not sure why marking your orange fleshed Honeydew melons as "orange" is such a bad thing.  You might have a color blind checker who can't tell the difference otherwise.
Seems to be a high proportion of images from the construction industry. Oops
OK, if you have a closer look, you see that the holders are simply broken and the handle swung around the one in the middle, but some photoshopping should be able to fix this. Nice picture anyway, thanks :)
I wish I'd taken a picture of a "Yield" sign spraypainted as "YEALD".
Its ok .. please understand da nu job used for the new blonde morons generation " slang job".. here he he woodpeckers.. 
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